Would You Care If You Were Disfellowshipped?

by minimus 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • SAHS

    “minimus”: “I don't like the stigma.”

    Actually, considering all the contrived nonesense which is the WTS, I would consider it really a “badge of honor” to be disfellowshipped. It would show that someone is exercising their right to be a thinking and independent individual. Instead of denoting any kind of failure, it really just confirms a successful growth for the individual – a growth which is personal and even spiritual.

    The WTS claims to be “progressive” (you know, moving ahead, light gets brighter). But daring to make the decision to stand up to them and become disfellowshipped, either through standing your ground or through sending an actual disassociation letter, I believe, builds character and shows an honest personal integrity.

    Don’t fret over the perceived “stigma,” minimus. Instead of a stigma, it’s really something to be held up in high esteem as a “badge of honor.”

  • minimus

    being "black balled" by any fraternity group is still a stigma.

  • JeffT

    being "black balled" by any fraternity group is still a stigma.

    Only to members of the fraternity.

    Nobody else gives a $***, especially when the fraternity as viewed as lunatics or worse by the rest of the world. I spend a lot of time on a discussion board devoted to politics and military history. The guys there (for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect) all know I'm an XJW and all of them regard my exit as a a badge of honor and courage (they've used those words), which strikes me as over the top, but I'll take it.

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