Interesting article about Wikipedia edit wars! JW's rank near the top of religious editing!

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  • BU2B

    DD is right on. I just came back from the RC and boy, those telescreens just put the icing on the cult and propaganda cake. So so sad to see the JWs worship the GB as their idol. They are a spiritual North Korea. Just like in tyrannical regiemes, you even have to be afraid of your family, because if they knew you were a dissident, they will rat you out, in tyrannical regiemes to the Gestapo or KGB or Stasi so they can execute you, and with JWs to the elders so they can spiritually and socially execute you. In North Korea and the WT, there is NO freedom of thought or expression, and even the slightest thing that may not be 100% positive about the leaders will get them on red alert.

    Why is truth so afraid of "apostate lies"? Are lies more powerful than truth? Should not truth stand up under any and all scrutiny? We know that it does, and we know why the WT is so afraid of us. Who did Jesus shun? He didn't even shun the Devil himself. He spoke with him and was not afraid of him. C.T. Russell debated with the clergy? Why dont Anthony Morris, or Steve Lett have a debate with JWfacts, or Ray Franz when he was alive? If the GB is so confident they are right, and Ray Franz was wrong, why didnt they have a public, recorded debate with him to settle what a lying deciever he was once and for all?! We all know why. Lies posing as truth must hide from the real light of truth.

    I do not know or have any ultimate truth. I probably never will. I will never know exactly how I got here, what will happen when I die, etc. What I do know is that the WT society is a decietful, lying, cold hearted, manipulative cult which uses logical fallacies and FOG and BITE techniques on every page of its publications for the past 100 years. Everything they write has an angle of them getting more control. I know that they do not have any truth and have nothig to do with any God. They are one of the most elaborate, resilient scams of our time.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Wiki is a great place to get basic information. People need to go beyond "basic" to learn more, so they should go to other sites before they put their entire life into a dangerous mind-control cult. It is sad that there will be gullible people who are content with just the basics.

    Personally, I think a single picture should be enough to scare people away from Watchtower:

    All a "study" or teen has to do is want to know where this picture comes from- (a movie version of "1984"), what the meaning behind it is, and then go to the JW convention and see the exact same thing with "" replacing "INGSOC."

  • jw07

    Not everyone has read that great book (1984) this might drive home the point to more people

    Note Anthony Morris the Turd to the front center Governing Body North Korea Ruling Party

  • jw07

    @OnTheWayOut - Note the telescreens in the background North Korea Telescreen

  • NeverKnew



    That's amazing!!! Being there are 1.6 billion Muslims, 1.2 billion Catholics and only 8 million or so (counting kids forced to get baptized ) JW's...

    That says a lot about the JW religion and doctrine!!! GOD'S word does not change!!!

  • daringhart13

    That 'new light' is closer to a strobe light

  • Violia

    The comments on the link site are well worth reading.

  • Maranatha

    Thanks for sharing. I may use Wikipedia sometimes but always look for other sources of info. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone.

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