Interesting article about Wikipedia edit wars! JW's rank near the top of religious editing!

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  • NoRegrets

    I found this interesting! The JW's are very,very busy trying to keep a hold on the real information regarding the group's ugly underbelly!

  • frankiespeakin

    Great this means that Wikipedia's articles edited that much is something that is of great concern. I'm glad for that! Hey Wikipedia's articles are not off limits for JWs and I think the WT corporation will never print anything against it as it will raise more curiousity amoung the braindead followers to go look.

  • frogonmytoe

    Unfortunately the spin will be "evil apostates try twisting our every word, stick only to mother's teat...."

  • JT speaks-out
    JT speaks-out

    I thought the info about jws on Wikipedia was being edited. Last time I looked, their legal history only had cases they had won.

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses , Mohammed , and Islam , all around the 18000+ mark


  • Phizzy

    I think the H.Q has a permanent editor assigned to Wiki. Of course he has to be careful not to simply excise all embarrassing stuff, and to make sure it is still factual, but read the various pages and see how the subtle typical JW techniques are used.

    They are written much in the style of the old Proclaimers book, so that the loyal JW can ignore the reality staring him/her in the face, and ascribe the facts of their history to "old light" and the "refining" process that they believe in. No way would these articles affect the thinking of active JW's in a way that would lead them toward waking up.

    For example, on one of the pages about JW's, in an apparent attempt to balance an unfavourable view from one expert, the writer quotes Prof George Chryssides who, though a respected academic, especially interested in the "new" religions, holds some peculiarly favourable views and protective views about the WT/JW's. (I wonder if he has a connection to the WT ?).

    To be able to quote mine him is a god-send (literally in the mind of the WT editor) to the W.T, of course there are any number of academic views ignored, conveniently, by these articles.

    The average JW would take Prof C's view as vindication of the Borg.

    I think it will be filtered through to JW's that it is alright to visit WIKI , as it can be in the main trusted in the Borgs view, thus JW's will be able to say to us, "Well, I have examined my religion on a non-JW Site". Sad.

  • tornapart

    It was Wikipedia that actually set me off discovering TTATT. While reading some articles about JWs and what it had to say I read a little piece about Ray Franz. Curiosity being what it is I found his online book CoC and read it. After just three days that was it for me. So... thankyou Wikipedia!!


    It's just incredible how we make "rational" choices based on controlled information. What else could we do? Then as Tornapart said, it all crumbles away with accurate information. The WTBTS's "truth" is just a click away from being shattered. No wonder they rival North Korea in the information control/propaganda department.


  • jwfacts

    Wow, over 18,000 edits.

  • Phizzy

    Obviously New Light appears even more frequently on WIKI than in the G.B's Boardroom.

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