Today's "gay-bashing" and other embarrassing content public talk!

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  • matt2414

    Witness My Fury: The greek work for the NWT's "men who lie with men" is arsenokoitai. It seems to be a word coined by Paul. Strong's Concordance translates it as: Ar-sane: Male, man and Koy-tay: A couch; by extension, cohabitation; by impl. the male sperm: bed, chambering, X conceive. Many scholars say it refers to male temple prostitution. In Paul's day, men knew sex with a female temple prostitute would be wrong, but perhaps it would not be so bad with a male prostitute. Paul made it clear in at 1 Cor. 6:9-11 that such acts were also wrong. (Notice how Paul did not mention "women lying with women"?)

    Why would Paul need to make such a statement? Just two weeks ago the National Center for Health Statistics reported that only 2 percent of the population is gay, 3 percent if you add bisexuals. However, a whopping 12 to 15 percent of straight -- and many married -- men admit to occassional sexual encounters with other men. (That figure is likely much higher when you consider that most straight men refuse to participate in such surveys.) The percentage in the first century was likely much higher because pederasty was still acceptable among some Greeks and so was sex with male temple prostitutes. So the question is: Was Paul refering to homosexuality as it is known in 2014 and only involes a tiny percentage of the population, or was he refering to a larger population of straight men (many married) in his day who widely practiced idolatry by having sex with male temple prostitutes and had sex with young boys? All of this is well documented in history, but churches -- including the Jehovah's Witnesses -- need a target to rally their members, much like the Pharisees did with lepers and women in Jesus' day.

  • matt2414

    RedhorseWoman: I love your comment. It's right on!

  • cultBgone

    Redhorse and Matt, great comments and info. This site makes so much more sense the the wt!

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    This site makes so much more sense the the wt!

    Mad magazine makes more sense than the WT.

    Redhorse Woman: If those men were homosexuals, why would Lot even bother to offer his virgin daughters

    Because apparently even flaming homosexuals cannot resist a woman who doinks her dad.

  • kaik

    JWs are homophobics. I knew several gay people in WT, even these who were in Bethel in Prague and turned crazy from a constant suppression of their feeling. One of the person was DF, not for gay conduct but constantly stalking one guy and his brother. In my KH we had son of elder who turned out to be gay. The elder and the wife had a mental breakdown. The woman was even institualized in a mental hospital because their only son is gay and lives with a his domestic partner. What I heard he is not allowed to ever talk to his parents until he turns straight. So far decade and half later, he is still with that dude.

    Story of Sodom and Gomorrah is a moral story. It does not describe commited same-sex relationship, but homosexual rape and lack of hospitality for strangers. Jewish writtings like Midrash mention robbery, murders, torture of passerby, lack of compassion for poor and starving, and idolatory. Rabbis were not sure what awaits as a fate for the destroyed men of Sodom. Some of them said that they will sit by the gates of Hell and judge passerby until the Judgment Day, others "Soon the blessed Holy One takes pity upon them, G-d feels compassions for the sinners who already suffered in Hell for one year".

    Apostle Paul was held in Rome in home confinment having access to the court of Nero. Anyone who seen movie Calligula would understand how deprived was Roman aristocratic life in the 1st century, especially for religious Jew like Paul. Nero engaged numerous origies with various individuals and his lifestyle was equally repulsive to the conservative nature of the Roman militaristic society, not mentioning conservative provincial preacher. There is nothing prophetic about Paul description on Rome and same-sex behavior. It was not even accepted by standard Roman society. Nero eventually paid for his despictable life with his own.

  • Quendi

    We can't expect any better from the WTS, an organization given over to distorting the Bible and misrepresenting both God and Christ. But as I have stated elsewhere, this cult sees the rising tide of LGBT people being granted their full civil and human rights in the United States and is frightened. They are not alone. The political strength of anti-LGBT groups around the country is waning. Donations are drying up, access to the corridors of power is being restricted and a majority of the American public repudiates their views. Small wonder the stridency of the WTS's gay-bashing rhetoric is rising and polemical screeds from the platform are becoming more frequent.

    Public opinion polls in the United States show that a large majority of young people favor same-sex marriage and an end to discrimination against LGBT people. Perhaps this is the real root of the Governing Body's fear because any hope the organization has for its future lies with young people. If growing numbers of this group reject a basic tenet of the Witness religion, what other teachings and practices will they reject? That rejection would ultimately signal the end of this cult and all it stands for. With two-thirds of all Witness youth abandoning the cult after reaching adulthood, further attrition is something the WTS cannot afford. A collapse in the United States would lead to a domino effect around the world that would spell certain doom for the organization.

    As others have noted, we are witnessing a "circling of the wagons" by the WTS. I don't think this will do the Society any good because its leadership is also facing internal dissent as well as external opposition. It couldn't have happened to a nicer cult. I only hope I am around when its end comes, an end that will be 'according to their works.'


  • stuckinarut2

    Well, I'm watching "modern family" right now, and I reckon that Mitch and Cam are great characters!

    Come and judge me now, bro speaker!!

  • LouBelle

    I can't stand to hear such shit spewed out - wherever it comes from. It's so idiotic.

    I've got so many gay friends and well it's not just something you can get over with bible therapy (have actually seen a documentary on how they tried to cure homosexuality / lesbism - where they actually hurt the ""offender"" while they were looking at pics of their same sex loved one. This was done to assocaite those feelings that came up with pain - disgusting)

  • BU2B

    I have brought up about homosexual animals in a car group. How they are found in every species and among Rams for example, a full 10% exclusively mate and pair off with other Rams, forsaking the Ewe entirely. Also some male penguins become a couple and care for a rock the way the others did the egg. Why? Why did nature make it so most species have gay animals? Maybe a form of population control? Who knows.

    When scientists first observed homosexual actions, and relationships in the animal kingdom, religious leaders kept these findings supressed for many years because it conflicted with their teachings that homosexuality is unnatural.

  • matt2414

    When scientists first observed homosexual actions, and relationships in the animal kingdom, religious leaders kept these findings supressed for many years because it conflicted with their teachings that homosexuality is unnatural.

    BU2B: You would think the JW's would apply what's in their own New World Translation: " For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship, so that they are inexcusable." Romans 1:20

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