Today's "gay-bashing" and other embarrassing content public talk!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh wow....

    The public talk today is certainly embarrassing for witnesses!

    Started (completely left field too...seemed to come out of nowhere) with condemning homosexuality, and anyone who even tolerates it. If you like tv shows or movies with gay characters, you are "just as bad" (eg modern family tv show)

    Used the comparison of the way that a violent person can change their violent ways using biblical principles, so too can a "homosexual" person change their ways using biblical principles...

    Now I'm not personally gay, but since learning TTATT, I feel so embarrassed hearing such stuff spewed from the platform!

    Used the "account" of sodom and Lot, to show how god feels about "homosexual" people... ( Although he failed to speak about INCEST being OK if we all follow righteous Lots example )

    Amazing how a charismatic speaker can woo a crowd! All these heads nodding away feverishly around me!


  • Mum

    One of my college English teachers pointed out that most people do not want to open their minds, but simply to have confirmation of what they already believe. My daughter's in-laws, who are actually very nice, tolerant people in most ways, are very religious and anty-gay. Now they have a gay grandson. I don't know if their relationship with him has changed, but they must be struggling with it.

    We all know people who refuse to accept reality. I have reminded my sister many times that being gay does no harm to anyone and there's no need for her to be concerned about it.

    On the TV show Northern Exposure some years ago, a character made a statement that it is heterosexuals who are "riding down life's highway at a high rate of speed without a helmet."

  • cultBgone

    Sounds as if Homophobia is alive and thriving in dub land, so sorry you had to be exposed to that nonsense. Pity the poor gay or lesbian child of any elder in the borg.

  • Finkelstein

    The civilization that the JWs try to emulate were not a advanced society to say the least, their spiritual leaders/High priests saw HS as a sin against nature

    an unnatural act, so they condemned it.

    In comparison today we have acquired a growing amount of knowledge regarding human sociological and sexual behavior, that shows that HS is more of a hereditary

    genetic disposition, in kind to other genetic irregularities. Its not a sin, just as those variable irregularities are also not a sin.

  • stuckinarut2

    Paired up with the wt study of the day, and I'm just going insane!

    If anyone has not yet read the study article, "Jehovah is a god of organisation", then I challenge you to not laugh out loud within the first few paragraphs.

    The manipulative techniques used, along with leading statements, and the FOG method is alive and well! (Fear, Obligation, Guilt)

  • nicolaou

    We need discreet recordings of talks like this. Audio is good, video would be great! In the age of the smartphone it can't be that difficult...

  • matt2414

    As I've stated before, I'll state again, the Bible says NOTHING about homosexuality. Anyone who says it does brings into question their qualifications for talking about the Bible. I challenge any governing body member to show me any place in the Bible that mentions the word "homosexual." If they refuse my challenge, they in effect are tacitly admitting they are frauds. By the way, they have to use a real Bible based on the original Bible languages and translated by real scholars. Not the New World Translation or others that are paraphrased or are based on personal opinion or have introduced the word "homosexual" into the text where it does not originally exist.

    Any GB takers? ... I'm waiting...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm feeling lazy as it's 7:14am here and i'm in bed...... Matt2414 what is the original rendering of the term in the NWT "men who lie with men"?

  • WTWizard

    That is one of the many issues of the washtowel. They condemn people that are naturally gay or bisexual, or that are naturally inclined to have more than one sex partner (of either sex). Yet, they partner same-sex couples all the time. Beth Hell (and here, I am referring to "Hell" as a place not fit for man, not the real hell which is a place of rest and protection for souls) has same-sex roommates that are stable for years. You have the Pious-Sneer Assist program, same sex. The assignments are frequently same sex. They encourage same sex partnerships at boasting sessions and in field circus--I left precisely because they tried putting me with too many men, in large part.

    To me, that is hypocritical. Let those same-sex partners do something sexual, and they will invariably blame masturbation. I blame that they have two men (or women) together, often restricting opposite sex contact, for extended periods. As often as not, they are not naturally gay but are drawn to each other for want of opportunity for the opposite sex. Left to their own devices, they would have probably rather have had opposite sex encounters--we all know how the washtowel feels about those.

  • Crazyguy

    I think nature has proven that in a lot of case gays are born this way, just look at the animal kingdom. Jesus never mentioned or condemned people in fact he said not to judge.

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