Today's "gay-bashing" and other embarrassing content public talk!

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  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Used the comparison of the way that a violent person can change their violent ways using biblical principles, so too can a "homosexual" person change their ways using biblical principles...



    "Out of convicted rapists, 57% admitted to reading pornography. 95% admitted to reading the Bible."

  • ambersun

    If homosexuality is so wrong and unnatural then, as Crazyguy said, why are there so many examples of it happening throughout the animal kingdom? Just google gay animals and see what stories come up!

  • Balaamsass2

    Having grown up in San Francisco, and having been around countless obviously gay people at Bethel in positions of power, I have always found the organizational Homophbia odd.

  • designs

    Amazing to hear the gay bashing still goes on at a fevered pitch, they never learn. Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, Old school Catholics and Muslims, the list is long and runs into the billions of persons who just can't accept human reality.

  • blondie

    But of course the same elders and the WTS who bash homosexuality and homosexuals have been and continue to conceal pedophiles in their midst who prey on children rather than an adult with adult by choice.


    I know a couple who had a gay son. He was DF'd. Supposedly, he is so mean to them and they feel victimized by his actions. Can you believe that? As far as the WT lesson goes, I haven't read it. One thing is certain, the GB are circling the wagons. I think they are bracing for the impact of the CONTI case. If and when they lose for good, every other pedo case will become that much more important in the public eye. The CONTI case won't be an isolated and unfortunate event, but a pattern of wrongdoing.

    There is a shit-storm headed thier way and they know it.


  • designs

    I guess anyone who was at Bethel during Knorr's reign of terror and heard his 'New Boy Talk' realized Knorr had sexual issues.

  • RedhorseWoman

    The whole "homosexuality is evil" thing is absolutely absurd, and using Sodom and Gomorrah to prove it is even worse. If you look at the historical context of the actions of the men in those cities, you realize that they were NOT homosexuals and their intent was NOT sexual gratification, but rather an act to exert power over the new guys in town by humiliating them and causing them to submit to the men of the city.

    If those men were homosexuals, why would Lot even bother to offer his virgin daughters (which, in and of itself, is a totally disgusting act by a supposed "man of God.) Also, since there were children and women there, how could the entire city be filled with homosexuals?

    Likewise, the scriptures that refer to men lying with men, as seen in a historical context, refer to heterosexual men engaging in same-sex relations with temple prostitutes while engaging in pagan worship. For that matter, even today in the Middle East, pederasty is engaged in and is accepted. Since rules are so strict concerning male/female relationships, men often utilize young boys to fulfill their sexual urges before marriage.

    Homosexuality is a normal thing and is seen throughout the entire animal kingdom, as well as in humans. People do not "choose" to be gay any more than they "choose" to be straight.

  • Splash

    Does this count as "preaching hatred" or intolerance?

    The police may be interested in hearing the recording of that meeting.

    I always wonder how groups such as Stonewall would react if they were invited to a meeting where the public talk spoke about homosexuality.


  • Finkelstein

    Does this count as "preaching hatred" or intolerance?

    Yes and add prejudice too.

    Of course this is given the look the other way because its done in the confines

    of religious freedom and expression.

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