for those still "in" what's the mood

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  • LongHairGal


    Even if the great "trib" came tomorrow, I wouldn't go back there.

    But, it would not matter to my friend or other JWs how their religion changes for the worse - because they aren't going anywhere no matter what happens. Although, one should never say "never", but I doubt these people will ever leave the religion.

  • crazyhorse

    I'm still in. In my Cong, its all made up of hypocrites and attention-seeking people who come to put on a show in the Cong. I do have nice friends there and yes because I'm a born-in I go to meetings like it's a ritual just like any other christian. It's no different from when I was born except that I'm "awake" to reality.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I believe that there are lots of folks [quietly] asking questions about Armageddon Delayed. All the Rah! Rah! of the Internatinal Conventions, JW.Org tract campaigns, 100 years of CJ rulership, etc etc are keeping them distracted -- more than really excited. As each of those "special events" passes, the WTS has to come up with another Rah! Rah! event to keep them busy and further distracted.



  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Spiritually my congregation is mediocre but the people are very nice.

  • steve2

    Sometimes the most disturbing time to reflect upon how old you are is not during your birthday celebrations - but after the lights go down and the trumpet blasts subside. Right now, in the heady rush of the centenary of 1914 and the hop-skotched fanfare over, disturbing thoughts may be held at bay.

    But come the kingdom-hall dreariness of 2015 and beyond, expect more reflection and disenchantment. This religion won't explode open and fragment; expect more of a slow phfuft as old, stale air very, very slowly leaks out of a worn-down tire. Not boom and bust but more fizzle and clunk!

  • LP97

    I couldn't tell you about everyone, but JW teens couldn't care less these days. Other than the ones who are really pushed by their parents to pioneer, most put on a brave face for the meeting before they chat to their friends afterwards. Then they go home and act like ordinary teenagers. You just have to look at their Facebook profiles. Selfies with skin showing, and "funny" videos and pictures. If it wasn't for convention pictures you wouldn't be able to tell they're Dubs.

    Then when push comes to shove and their parents want them to get more involved spiritually, they're away, never to be seen again.

    The Borg are losing the youth and they know it. It's why they're suddenly acceptive of social media, have the big and flashy and are generally trying to be more modern. But they are fighting a losing battle. I think this is the beginning of the end - the youth will start dropping like flies and the rest will eventually follow. It will be a slow death and a horrible one. They are smart enough to see through the facade.

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