Jesus H Christ on a Popsicle stick, these people are freaking morons....

by DATA-DOG 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • jgnat

    Hey, my background includes evangelical revivals. Trust me; the more emotional the event, the faster the effects wear off. The sufferer must decide if the experience was real, or a temporary blip. They may wonder at their own spirituality. I mean if it were from God, surely the effects would be more long lasting.


    Jgnat, that is an excellent point. Why would GOD need to host a convention every so often, like a business having it's semi-annual sale??


  • Apognophos

    Well, the Israelites had their festivals, and JWs have their assemblies. The GB is doing no less than using the ancient Israelites as a model once again. As jgnat said, the pious high will wear off over time. Talking to someone right after an assembly is definitely to be avoided when possible. I remember getting a little bit of a high from it myself, and I'm not that emotional of a guy. But there's something about meeting together with a bunch of like-minded people that makes you feel glowy afterward (the same for field service).

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