Jesus H Christ on a Popsicle stick, these people are freaking morons....

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    I had to spend the evening with a bunch of dubs. They went to the IC and are just enraptured. I have heard the term "emotional" about 100 friggin times. Seriously, these people are friggin Watchtarded. There are dubs singing on stage in a video. One guy did a righteous brothers song. WTF!!!! Their minds are GONE!!! GONE!!!!! GONE!!!!!

    They are taking pictures with the friggin CocaCola bear and all kinds of ignorant crap. There are banners saying " See you in Paradise.." WTF???? Kill me now. I can't live under the regime of the WTBTS. THESE dubs are F'ing brainwashed. It's so insane. My wife is a glassy-eyed Koop aid drinker. This shit is insane. I cant understand the dumbness.


  • sparrowdown

    Well that's an evening of your life you wont get back..

    ...oh hang you will, because the WT is the gift that just keeps on giving over and over year after year.... ahhhh.

    Cue the music from psycho.


    Sorry Mods, I said shit....


  • sowhatnow

    wow, sounds like an acid trip lol. where the heck are you that your seeing this ?

    pretty soon they will start singing 'we will overcome' in the car on the way home from conventions and looking all glassy eyed .

    this is a spectical, and id not jesus say those who pray in the public eye and want attention are having thier reward in full?

    the bible says not to let your left hand know what your right is doing. These jws are bragging about imagined favor.

    sad and disturbing.

  • Magnum

    I've wintessed what DATA-DOG is referring to. The org knows that it can longer play in the heavey doctrine arena; it will get clobbered. So it's starting to play the emotional game.

    It used to be that when I was telling people about the virtues of JWs, I would explain how the churches appealed to emotion, but didn't teach people - that the people remained ignorant of the Bible. However, I would say that JWs were different. That is, they didn't appeal to emotion; they just taught the Bible in a classroom atmosphere. However, now I'm seeing JWs become what I used to speak against. Now they appeal to emotion and no longer really teach the deeper stuff; the people are ignorant.

    I tried to reason with my mother after the convention, however, she was teary-eyed with emotion from it. The org is really playing the emotion and propaganda up. My mother's responses were so ridiculously illogical and devoid or reason and indicative of, at best, suppressed intelligence that I found it to be almost unbearable.

    It is insane, DATA-DOG.

  • StAnn

    My mother just went to the IC and is presently a total [email protected]%*ch. I stopped by to visit my dad and stayed outside with him. My autistic son went inside to visit his grandma. She took him by the arm, led him outside, and then shut the door behind him. I guess she's too good for her grandchildren now that she's been infused with holy spirit at the IC.



    Last night was just insane. I shouldn't bash the people, but SHEESH.. They are deceived and deluded. To them the WTBTS and Slave are like the LEGO movie, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

    Some JWs from out of town came visiting, their daughter is a Bethelite. She was crazy and over drinking. Everyone else was just oooing and ahhhing over their IC stories. I guess the dubs were everywhere, cheering for one another, holding up banners and what not. I really think this poor girl is coming unglued. I can't blame her. She is young and trapped at Beth-hell. I thought," This is just ONE Bethelite. How many more are cracking??"

    The parents have a lot of dissonance. The Elder Father went on about always bucking the system at the KH because of internal politics. The Mom went on and on about the EMOTIONAL effect of the IC. They all said how the cried so much, especially at the resurrection video. I said," Why was the door knob made of wood??" ........ Anyway, it was nutty as hell.

    They have a DF'd Gay son. I asked someone," Aren't they the couple that raised a gay son??" They said," NO...they had a son who came out as gay." ERRRRRR....OKAY??!?! That's just a sampling of thier mentality. So it seems that the WTBTS has done an incredible job of making JWs believe that wonderful expansion is now taking place! The downsizing and consolidation of districts and circuits and the forced togetherness of the ICs has created the illusion of a packed house. The dubs have swallowed it, hook,line and sinker.

    The GB know how to psychologically manipulate the group. It's not unlike the armed forces. You take a group of people who end up in the military ( some have nowhere else to go) and you mold them. Through shared suffering ( created by the leaders ) you make them form a bond that is nearly unbreakable. Through that suffering, you also create an elitist mentality in the group. They are suffering through BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST, THEY ARE THE BEST BECAUSE THEY SUFFER THROUGH. Throw in some lies about Satan and paradise earth, and shunning your gay son is a piece of cake.

    Here is a particularly disturbing story. Part of the ICs appeal was some sort of talent show. All kinds of JWs were allowed to showcase their abilities in various fields. ( talents they will never fully develope being JWs, unless it involves free labor for the GB) One such display was a silent film. A brother is going D2D with a phonograph. No one will listen to him. Some are violently opposed ( this all reeks of prior planning as we KNOW that a screening process took place. Theses random talents were orchestrated.) and throw him off the steps. He has ONE LAST DOOR.. He prays and says amen. He approaches the door and finds a beat up stuffed rabbit. He carries it to the door. A man answers. He is touched that this young man picked up the rabbit. He invites him in. They listen to Rutherfraud speak of "the truth/resurrection." The young daughters to whom the rabbit belong ask," Daddy? Does that mean we will see Mommy again??" The story ends with two Elderly sisters sharing a photo album with someone. In the album is a picture of two little girls with a rabbit!! YOU GUESSED IT, it's them!! Now they are severely aged awaiting the kingdom.

    Of course, no one said that. That is the reality of the emotionally and psychologically manipulative story. The two young girls are now old widowers, waiting for the big A predicted by a judeo-Xian , Neo-Zionist millennialist/Adventist, real estate flipping CULT. The dubs were just beside themselves, my wife was crying as she listened with an open heart and humble soul. She even said, " DATA would not watch it, he says they are designed to play on your emotions." Oddly, no one disagreed. How could they??? They had all recently commented on how EMOTIONAL it all was.


  • skeeter1

    I take it that Data-Dog did not like the IC!

  • jgnat

    Don't worry. The effects wear off after a couple days.


    I am not so sure about the effects wearing off. I didn't go, but I am hearing stories from those who did and seeing the effects on others. It's crazy.


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