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  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    It's just the latest communication tool and technology. I don't see it as being the huge deal that some 'apostates' are making it out to be.

    It used to be "oooh, they got colour Watchtower and Awake magazines now", then "oooh, they got videos now", then "oooh, they got DVD's now", and now it's "oooh, they got a new website called JW.BORG now."

    Just the same old white-washed grave being painted over again with the latest trendy colour.

  • Phizzy

    The thought I had on this is that it is going to make them look more like a business, so a bit of truth is filtering through here accidently.

    Imagine driving by one of those windowless boxes of a K.H as a normal member of the public, you glance at the building,. and see the logo, and think "I wonder what that business does ?"

    You wouldn't think it was a place of worship, which of course it is, worship of the G.B through JW.Org.

  • notjustyet

    Many cities have a sign ordinance that limits the amount of square feet allowed for a "business" . Usually an entity will use up all of their allotment when th initially build the sign and would need to get an approval for additional sq footage to be added.

    We know the kingdom halls will be adding these logos in the near future it might be nice to find out ahead of time from the department that over sees this from the city if there is a sign ordinance and if a church would need to be compliant with the ordinance.


  • Oubliette

    Introducting, the new and improved: Watchtower Bible and Tract Website Society

  • cultBgone

    will pdf downloads be counted as literature "placements"?

    Pioneers will be provided personalized literature so when someone scans their business card they will get a tic on the website counter. They'll be rewarded for getting the most biz cards scanned much like any other internet vendor but will get points instead of payments.

    Just imagine, worldwide contests for the most "productive" jdub!! They won't get a pink auto of course, like MaryKay, but they'll get to have their photo on the website for a month and stand on the platform at the annual meeting.

    Yay, it will all be a giant sales contest without having to pay the sales people! It will be So Much Fun...without even having to study the bibble.

  • Terry

    The 19 year old Jehovah's Witness boy (young man) I've been meeting with and talking to for the past week

    is DEEPLY indoctrinated.

    He is also Disfellowshipped and struggling with his status.

    His motivation, I believe, is emotional attachment to the idea of being with his deceased Father in Paradise.

    He has been offered this Freebie if he remains loyal to the ORG.

    I've told him many things and proved (I suppose) many wrongs about the org--BUT HE DEFENDS THEM still.

    All this does is remind me how deep the hook is embedded.

    This religion isn't just about doctrine and assertions of Truth.

    IT OFFERS PROMISES and makes exclusive membership contingent on absolute loyalty.

    End of story.

  • Phizzy

    " IT OFFERS PROMISES and makes exclusive membership contingent on absolute loyalty."

    And the fear of the mind-controlled JW is, "though I can see things wrong with it, if the promises are true, I will miss out on them if I leave".

    How do we cut through that ?

  • SAHS

    “steve2”: “. . . the organisation is trying to shed its past and morph into something more clean-lined and aimed at the internet age . . .”

    There will always be many “parts” to the Internet which will ensure that the WTS will never be able to shed all that ridiculous and sh^tty past of theirs; for example, sites such as,” “,” “,” “,” “,” etc., etc.

    “steve2”: “. . . I'd guess that at some stage the curious householder will widen the search at the touch of a few buttons. Uh-oh for the organization!”

    Exactly! And whether or not people are in or out of the JWs, and whether or not people are strongly warned/told not to, people will nevertheless sneak some “widened” searches and “secret” perusals, because, of course, that’s just the way people are – especially in private.

  • frankiespeakin

    Yeah and as they evolve to be more of a internet presents they are surrounded by websites that come up in a google search that blow away their bull shit in nothing more than the babblings of a bunch of delusional Faithful and Disreet Slave/assholes.

  • bigmac

    faithfull and discrete arsehole----yep---that has a certain RING to it.

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