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  • steve2

    With the official letter from the GB to all bodies of elders, a stylized banner can now be appended to Kingdom Hall signage.

    What an auspicious year this will turn out to be for the organization!!

    Among other outcomes, the "link" with the old, baggage-ridden "Watchtower Bible & Tract Society" recedes into the background. Furthermore, now you don't pretend to need feet trudging door-to-door - your worker is done at the press of a few directed fingers. This will increasingly have all sorts of implications as the shift continues and deepens in web-citing the organization.

    What other outcomes do you guys see? Whatever they are, it's clear the organisation is trying to shed its past and morph into something more clean-lined and aimed at the internet age - more 21st century.

    While its s bummer when the end doesn't come, it provides uplifting opportunities to put away those dust, smelly and worn-out shoes and get those manicured fingers moving. From feet to fingers indeed!

  • quellycatface

    I reckon they might go totally crazy and get a slot on the "God Channel."

    How mad would that be?

  • Mum

    Somehow, I don't see how the "internet org" is going to work in their favor. How are they going to market a "religion" that turns people into automatons and sucks all the joy out of their lives? Their success in the past has been mostly because of one-to-one contact, IMHO. I remember my 9-year-old hillbilly self being quite impressed with the JW family (my dad's boss's family) who came and studied with us.

    Avon Cosmetics used to be (and still may be) the #1 cosmetics company for the same reason.

    I can certainly see people being turned off if they have those Sparlock videos or horrific coloring book for kids. Would you want to bring your kids into that kind of mentality?

    In one sense, this internet business is just another flip-flop. Just a short time ago, the internet was considered all that is evil and a serious danger, as dangerous to JW's as to North Koreans. Now it's their shiny new vehicle.

  • skeeter1

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it doesn't change the pig.

  • jgnat

    Pioneer - by - Facebook. That's my prediction.


    I don't know whats going on. I think it's all chaos. The WTBTS is trying to survive a shit storm. Everything is against them, the passage of time, the Information Age, their past lies, their "un-xian" behavior. It's like they shit in their own mess kit and call it God's direction when they halfway clean it up.


  • steve2

    Nah, I don't expect an evolution into a God channel either, but am in agreement that it will likely come back at some stage with a down side. Besides, if a householder is going to be motivated to look them up on the net via, I'd guess that at some stage the curious householder will widen the search at the touch of a few buttons. Uh-oh for the organization!

    Yet, this move to promoting the internet does mark a noted first for the organization: A tacit admission that the internet provides the most economical, rapid -and crucially - "united" presentation of the JW message. No need literally for your members to do a thing to disseminate the message and give their own "local" slant on it. It's packaged ready for use, totally approved at HQ.

    You can spread your word more cleanly and crisply via a few finger movements by your "searchers" themselves.

    For many Witnesses, this will lend a "fine" appearance that their organization is moving with the times; the back bite, though, will be the unlovely message that the drudgery of door-to-door work will be harder to justify - other than through the very, very tired line of 'having blood on your hands' if you don't go out and warn people. Even now that line has not much remaining motivational force- and when your perceived coverage of your territory is worked to death, even that tired line no longer packs a punch.

    Interesting times.

  • Magnum

    steve2: Interesting times

    I agree. It is really interesting to watch it all unfold. I believe we'll see more changes in the next year. I can't wait to see what the numbers say over the next few years - number baptized, number of publishers, number of congregations, Memorial attendance, etc.

  • factfinder

    will pdf downloads be counted as literature "placements"?

  • StAnn

    I think the Borg will start their own channel like the Mormons have done. They can broadcast talks from all of the assemblies, etc. I'd love to see them do a weekly musical series of the Kingdom Melodies!

    Tongue in cheek,


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