Local Elder wins hot tub.

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  • DesirousOfChange

    As I recall hot tubs lead to over drinking and swinger parties.


  • ShirleyW

    Makes me think of the Eddie Murphy sketch from SNL, Celebrity Hot Tub.

  • DwainBowman

    I won $500 dollars in a weekly grocery store some years back. It was in the local newspaper, and radio. All I heard from any of the elders was, "Wow, I wish I could win!"

    It's a non issue, as long as your not buying tickets, or in some other way, buying a chance!


  • Twitch

    Makes me think of the Eddie Murphy sketch from SNL, Celebrity Hot Tub.

    Ahh, the classics...


  • ducatijoe

    How on earth would you concider test driving a car as a promotion tro win a hot tub gambling!

    It is called Automotive Marketing.

  • ducatijoe

    How on earth would you consder Automotive Marketing as being gambling! Many auto companies give out Visa gift cards at malls and auto shows for people to test drive their cars.

  • ShirleyW

    Thanks Twitch, figured someone would post it, I don't have a clue as to how to post clips here.

  • Twitch

    yea, funny stuff, lmao

    copy the URL/text in the address bar of the video, paste to the editor window here, select that text here, hit the link button under the Font size (Insert/Edit Link), paste the link again where it says Link URL, hit Insert and Submit. Easy as mud...

  • sparrowdown

    Jehovah must have known he needed a hot tub, he is an elder after all, and we all know

    how much more Jehovah looks after those putting the kingdom first.

    I think I can guess where the next elders meeting will be held!

  • steve2

    This actually violates 2 very specific Scriptures (I will need other posters to supply the books, chapters and verses, though):

    Jesus said, "Get behind me Hot Tub" and the text that enjoins Christians to be "no part of the Hot Tub".

    I would have thought these 2 verses alone would remove all need to go on about the matter. The elder violated the Scriptural warning about Hot Tubs and we should not be surprised if he is now in hot water.

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