The Six Largest Chinese Car Makers (by revenue)

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  • prologos

    stable, monogamous families have done both cultures wonders instead. but

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    vivre les parteneres anti-podes

  • jwfacts

    PHIZZY The vague relevance to this Site is, with China becoming the major World Power economically, and probably not far behind militarily, how does that fit in to the WT/JW.Org interpretation of scripture ?

    Good question. China does not figure in JW interpretation, and barely in the Bible, which is a huge oversight. China has been very dominant on a global scale through all of history, and as I child I remember asking my mother why they were not mentioned in the Bible. She said that the Bible was only interested in event surrounding the Seed Jesus, and hence the Middle East. However, that is little comfort when 1/3 of the planet is Asian and in line for destruction at Armageddon, yet seemingly of little relevance the JWs.

  • fulltimestudent

    The Chinese market is now so important that even companies as large as Mercedes Benz will develop cars specifically for that market.

    The model shown above is a new C class Mercedes with a longer wheelbase, manufactured at the Beijing joint venture factory.


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