What now?

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  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    I asked the same question in an earlier post!

  • LisaRose

    What you are going through is a natural part of the process. What has been seen cannot be unseen, right?

    I think you will find that meetings will become harder and harder to sit through. You will notice all the logical fallacies and the cult mind control manipulations and it will be hard to sit through. Some have done this for years, so it is possible, it's just difficult.

  • jgnat

    This one, James Jackson?


    I suggest new dreams. I regularly review my personal mission statement following Covey's second habit.


    This gives me focus and purpose. I also recognize opportunities when they fly by. My father is a good model on how to repurpose life, as I saw him start again several times (divorced my mom, left a job he loved, buried his beloved second wife from cancer, joined the bridge circuit, takes his third wife on road trips just to see her happy as long as his lungs will hold out). My chief vision these days is to pass on what I've learned. I can do this by playing with my granddaughter, writing, and planting oaks.

  • oppostate

    Now, if you believe in God, then put your faith in the ransom, the redemptive value, of Christ's sacrifice and

    follow his teachings. Share with others your hope in him and his promises of everlasting life in the Kingdom of the heaven.

    If you've lost your faith in God then that may not mean much to you, but you can treat others with the kindness and

    respect that fellow human beings should have for one another realizing we all have feelings and aspirations for a better

    life, for safety, for continued learning and the hope of peace among equals in the human race.

    Personally, my fading away from the WT is bringing me closer to God and Christ, I feel like I've rejoined humanity at

    large, which I learned to appreciate from reading Ray Franz's books. And... although a believer in Christ I can find

    empathy and compassion for others no matter what faith they have or how different or similar their culture or background

    may be from mine.

  • nowwhat?

    dear the dog1 i am in the exact same position and feel the same way as you. just had a shepharding call and laid it out on how can we have faith in the org when in fact they hav'nt got anything right about bible prophecy. 1975, 1914 generation etc. they were flabbergasted i felt that way, and their answer was "so what" it's still Jehovah's organization! i am going to try and hang in there until i see what develops in the fall with all the new changes coming up. btw my wife is so burned out she does'nt care what we do. but you know how it is, friends, family stuff why we are still in

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