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  • thedog1

    I don't know if it has been a good thing or a bad thing to have found this site. I stumbled on it about a year ago as I mentioned in previous posts. It has opened my eyes to so many things, but right now all is confusion. Each time I read things here I can feel my faith as a witness leaching away. Now, every time I read the wt publications it is within the framework of what I have learned here. The (possibly false) peace of mind I had believing in what Jehovahs Witnesses do is now gone. I was at an international assembly quite recently and even though I enjoyed it in a general way, I just couldn't get into the spirit of it. Some of the bros had banners which they unfolded reading "see you in Paradise" and I thought, really?

    I know that others here will probably say that this is a natural part of the process of discovering TTATT but it is a bit tricky going to meetings and feeling very different about it all. And my wife is still very much a witness, even though she sees some of the holes. So in a sort of holding pattern right now...

  • Focus

    Just read this - written by me, accuracy guaranteed by me:


    and let millions of years of evolution (of the human brain) do its work.

    The result = Watchtower Adios.

    A much larger version is available.

    Bible Study Reference: Where does it say that God isn't the author of confusion?



    ("Simples" Class)

  • jgnat

    Once I reawakened my reason, I could not sit through a sermon again. It's not like I can jump up and call, "fallacy!" So I fidget and doodle a lot through the service. Yes, permanently changed. I have grey hair too, which I also can't do anything about.

    Change can be good or bad but I do know it's no use trying to claw back the sands of time. Find a way to enjoy the new you.


    OOPS! I see you have a duplicate. I am going to keep this thread and shut the other one down.

  • TableForOne

    Focus, that is one hell of a list.

    Using their own literature (over 100+ years of it) to expose them.

    It doesn't get any clearer than that.

    Nice work, thanks.


  • Apognophos

    thedog1, isn't this good news, though? Think of the freedom that awaits you if you leave. A lack of guilt for things that you shouldn't feel guilty for, being free of massive impositions on your time, etc. As far as staying "in a holding pattern", that's a Limbo state that no one wants to be in for longer than they have to. Sooner or later you have to sever the umbilical cord. Things might get worse before they get better, but I'm happy for anyone who learns TTATT since it means they have time to start becoming their natural selves. Not to mention that you can become more moral without the restrictions that the Witnesses place on things like charitable work.

  • Mum

    Your post reminds me of a guy I saw on 60 Minutes (an American "magazine" show, for those who don't know about it) who had been a 4th-generation prisoner in N. Korea. He had grown up in the prison and had no concept of life in the outside world. Even after years of freedom, he still could not understand the concepts of "love" or "romance."

    This poor, deluded man actually turned in two family members for breaking rules, and those family members were executed. He stated that he really thought they deserved to die at the time because he had no other frame of reference.

    Being in a closed society, cutting yourself off from regular, non-brainwashed human beings, and being required to turn others in just to survive, do not create healthy, happy human beings. Even though it's painful for you right now, it is a blessing to have a different perspective when attending the brainwashing sessions. Knowledge is power. I hope you will find the strength to break free.

    Best wishes for a happier future!

  • Fernando

    Making faith equal to religion or religious belief is a religious lie.

    Religious leaders use this lie to cover their theft of their followers' faith.

    Almost no one in the Watchtower has received the free gift of faith.

    Those that have, begin to see spiritual matters that others can't, and are soon booted out and shunned for being different.

  • Dis-Member

    That is indeed one incredible list Focus and I have come across and been through it via other sources but very useful to have it all on once place as you have made it. It's the things in this list that contributed to my breaking free. In fact there was no breaking free.. the mental shackles just fell off like paper chains.

    Thank you for sharing. I go back to it occasionally whenever my fickle human mind starts wandering.

  • Heartofaboy

    Very useful list of references Focus


  • cultBgone

    Thanks, Focus, I've bookmarked your list.

    Thedog1, your fog is beginning to lift and it will be uncomfortable for awhile, BUT it will clear! You will go through stages of grief/confusion/anger but ultimately you will find happiness and peace. It's a journey with a pleasant outcome, even if all in your family don't pursue it. There's something to be said for knowing yourself and finding inner harmony. Hang in there!

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