Women elders, what difference would they make?

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  • Pacopoolio

    In a perfect world, the female elders would be the same. The issue is that they would come from a crop of people that were seen as less-then-men for YEARS, even beyond the progressions of feminism, ad the immediate culture shock would exaggerate the already existing backstabbing and power plays many have already. These aren't every day women we're talking about, these are women that are willingly JWs, which makes a huge difference.

  • Fernando

    Women absolutely do not belong in (manmade) religion or religious hierarchies.

    Why ruin one of God's best creations?

    Women are mostly not naturally into power, control, authority, sectarianism, fundamentalism, legalism, moralism, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and works-righteousness.

    Women are naturally into family, community, peace, unity, love and liberty.

  • SAHS

    For the next consideration of the Watchtower, to be held this Sunday, July 27, 2014 (in the magazine dated May 15, 2014), on page 23, paragraph eight, it states the following:

    “In addition to Israel’s numerous priests and Levites, for example, there were ‘women who were organized to serve at the entrance of the tent of meeting.’ (Ex. 38:8).” [my emphasis]

    So, I guess Jehovah’s standards have changed to become even more picky since ancient Israel, because back then women could actually “serve at the entrance of the tent of meeting” but now they can’t even help out behind the literature counter, handle the microphones, or operate the sound system. Apparently now everything requires at least a “ministerial servant,” who, of course, just has to have the male plumbing equipment. Ridiculous!

    I’m not a woman myself, but that whole thing regarding the treatment of women in the WTS has always made me upset. I guess because it’s just one more thing that confirms to me and reminds me that it has to be a cult.

  • SAHS

    “Freedom77”: “Are you saying women bring nothing unique at all to their positions, that women and men are interchangeable with identical points of view on all subjects? Just askin'.”

    Notice that I had said that women “basically have the same mental abilities as men.” So, I acknowledge that women, in fact, do bring somewhat of a unique insight, or “flavor,” to the table. (I suspect that it may somehow relate to their usually being slightly more left-brained and creative than right-brained and analytical, at least in a solely mechanical sense.)

    “Fernando”: “Women are mostly not naturally into power, control, authority, sectarianism, fundamentalism, legalism, moralism, hypocrisy, self-righteousness and works-righteousness. Women are naturally into family, community, peace, unity, love and liberty.”

    Wow, that’s quite the overgeneralization! Reading that, I’m supposing that you would also have a whole slew of stereotypical prejudices regarding race and ethnicity. To sum up that kind of thinking: Women = kitchen, man = smarter/stronger, this race = bad, that race = good. (Spoiler: Leave It to Beaver was just a TV show. The real world doesn’t actually work that way.)

  • millie210

    Interesting quote SAHS.

    Maybe they are priming everyone for something with statements like that?

  • Ucantnome

    I think they would be just like the men

  • prologos

    Sahs:"--organized to serve---", it had to be organized.

    serve the sons of Eli?

    with woman elderettes, like the new fangled female bishops of the COE, it become a totally different organisation, appealing to different people. next step: wife of one wife no doubt.

    Catherine the Great's, Thatcher's, Merkel's legacy.

  • SonoftheTrinity

    I was in a Rasta church where, if the executive brethren were guilty of dereliction of duty or gross corruption or negligence, the sisters would take the place of the executives as a sort of shaming. Now imagine if that were the case in Kingdom Halls. Whenever there was a scandal involving brothers, the women would become the elders, thus marking that congregation as one with incompetent male elders.

  • LisaRose

    I attended a church for a while that had a female pastor, it was a refreshing change. The idea that women are unsuited for leadership positions is quite out dated. I think that statistically more men seek out those positions, but there are many women who are qualified and make great leaders in a church, or any other organization for that matter. They bring a little something different to the position, not better or worse, just different. I think that for an organization of any type to thrive, each member should do what he or she is best at.

    I believe one of the problems with the Jehovah's Witnesses is that the Watchtower is quite hostile to women. They are "the weaker vessel", not capable of any position of responsibility in the congregation. Sexual stereotypes are so strongly entrenched, it's ridiculous. A lot of religions are like that, but I think many are moving to a more rational approach, while the JWs are stuck in the fifties. If a woman is the best qualified to do the accounts, and wishes to do it, why would she not be able to? I think some women here have done the accounts for their husbands, as they were just better at it. I used to be an auditor, for some reason more women than men are drawn to those types of jobs. I think women are good at interpersonal relationships and might do very well at counseling. There are undoubtedly many women in the Jehovah's Witnesses that are great scholars, like Blondie, or could be gifted speakers, or leaders. It's such a waste. They don't have enough elders and MS in some congregations to get everything done, meanwhile I would guess there are at least a few women who would be qualified and happy to do some of those jobs.

    Can you imagine a woman giving the Sunday talk at the Kingdom Hall? Yeah, me neither.

  • Ucantnome

    I think i would be equally as bored hearing a woman give the Sunday talk as i was listening to a man there would be no difference

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