Women elders, what difference would they make?

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  • Freedom77

    Okay, let's do a big what-if: Suppose the GB for its own unfathomable reasons suddenly got New Light (TM) and decided to start appointing women elders and ministerial servants. They would, of course, refer to the examples of Junia (apostle), and Priscilla and Phoebe (deaconesses in wordlyspeak) in the Greek Scriptures; never mind what mental somersaults it would take to get them there. Stranger things have happened in WT history.

    That being the case, would having women in positions of real authority make any significant difference in the congos or in the borg as a whole, and why or why not?

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    I just wonder how two elders (if wife is now appointed too) could be married to each other. This will cause some very powerful families to be feared.

    i realize there are powerfull families now ....but this adds even more dynamic to witch hunting.

    plus would the GB wives all be made elders immediately? After all would a GB member make a poor marriage choice since he gets direct advice from Jehovah?

  • sir82

    Such a change would so fundamentally alter what JWs are, it is a meaningless question.

    It's kind of like asking "What difference would it make if the KKK elected a black Jewish woman as its grand dragon?" or "What difference would it make if PETA starting selling its own brand of hot dogs?"

  • Freedom77

    I beg to differ. The WTBTS and the GB have shown themselves perfectly willing to make abrupt, startling about-face maneuvers when it suited their strategy of theocratic warfare or *cough* financial interests.

    Heavenly hope ---> earthly hope

    No vaccinations ---> not an issue

    No organ transplants ---> "conscience issue"

    No oral sex ---> back and forth and back and forth

    No political involvements ---> Mexico, United Nations

    "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" ---> "this generation" ---> "two generations"

    Need I even mention 1914, 1925, 1942, 1975, 1984, 1994, 2000???

    And we could go on and on. It could happen.

    But whether it will or not is beside the point - this is a what-if.

  • Focus

    What difference would they make?

    Depends on the wrapping.



    ("Porneia" Class)

  • Freedom77

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Brilliant, Focus.

  • naazira

    If women were appointed as elders, there would be a lot of judicial action taking place. I imagine it would be a chance to go after those who pose a threat to ones ego. I think it would also be harder to fade if we had women elders. They will hunt you down!

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    @ Freedom77: No oral sex ---> back and forth and back and forth


    LOL. That's punny! (same for anal sex, by the way).


    If women were appointed as elders, there would be a lot of judicial action taking place

    "Hell hath no scorn like a woman's fury"

    Imagine a JC being formed by Elderette Marge because Sister Looks-So-Fine-in-Fishnet-Stockings and a tight skirt makes Elderette Marge look even worse than the frumpy, 80# overweight matron she already is.


    I've been in situations where I've worked for women in positions of power and influence. At that level, there is no difference between the sexes and the only thing that prevails is human nature and lust for more power and demolishing anyone who gets in the way.

    Women as elders = same s**t, different day.

  • pbrow

    Hey Focus.........

    You could post that every day and I would not tire of it....


  • steve2

    Look to the business world for a likely answer:

    Women who lead patriarchal-type organizations are simply "glove puppets" of the arrangement but give a lovely visible presence as figureheads. Think Maggie Thatcher's Velvet Glove.

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