BOE 2014-07-13 Appointment and deletion of elders and ministerial servants

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  • WatchTower87
    2014-07-13 Appointment and deletion of elders and ministerial servants

    To all bodies of elders.
    The link removed by request is also available at the Forms link.
    The congregation secretary should arrange for this letter to be retained in the congregation permanent file of policy letters. He may also wish to update the congregation copy of the Index to Letters—For Bodies of Elders (S-22) at this time as well.

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  • notsurewheretogo

    So the CO has to ask the brother being appointed "Have you ever been involved at any time in the past with child sexual molestation?”

    Because asking that has stopped many a perverted elder from being appointed...

  • notsurewheretogo

    You can see what the WT is up to with these notes on that letter:



    In chapter 3, paragraph 23, cross out the existing sentences in the last bullet point.
    In chapter 3, in the subheading preceding paragraph 25, cross out the words “Branch Office” and replace them with the words “Circuit Overseer.”
    In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the first sentence, cross out the words “branch of-fice” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.”
    In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the penultimate sentence of the first bullet point, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit over-seer.”
    In chapter 3, paragraph 25, second bullet point, at the end of the third sentence, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit over-seer.” Cross out the sentence “If he disagrees, he may submit a letter along with the elders’ letter of explanation, stating why he does not accept the recommendation.” Write in the margin the following: “See letter dated July 13, 2014.”



    They are distancing themselves and using the CO as their puppet.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    “Is there anything from your past, even before baptism, or in your personal or family life that disqualifies you...?"


    Yes, Brother Circuit Overseer, before I became a JW, I was a "worldly" person, so everything I did disqualifies me you dumbass!


    Because asking that has stopped many a perverted elder from being appointed...

    Unless he feels bad about it now and realizes he should have come forward at the time. In that case, he gets a mulligan and the CO will appoint him anyway (provided a generous green handshake is involved).

    Incidentally, why ask the question? Isn't Holy Spirit supposed to reveal all of this anyway, regardless of whether the brother admits to anything or not ?????

  • notsurewheretogo

    Indeed does the process work?

    • Holy Spirit moves several elders to recommend brother suckup to be appointed as an elder
    • CO gets info, assume he prays over it and discusses with body of elders
    • All agree he should be appointed
    • CO asks him the questions
    • Brother suckup breaks down and cries as he has molestated young childre


    1. Why did the HS move the elders to discuss him in the first instance?
    2. Why did the CO then agree to this decision?
    3. Why didn't Jehoove stop it at ANY point in the process?
    4. Why does it rely on the brother being appointed to confess? Child molesters are devious people who can be very good at lying
    5. Again, what was the HS doing????????
  • jgnat

    ...which is WHY my church and any secular charitable organizations that I have been involved with conduct criminal checks on their volunteers. One of my leaders remarked how surprising it was to see how many volunteers evaporate once they hear about the check, never to be seen again.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Now the appointment of elders is separated from the branch, they can claim that these are congregation matters, nothing to do with them. If one on these appointed men starts kiddie fiddling it's nothing to do with us. Don't sue us, there is a perfectly good C.O to sue. Thats that sorted, goodbye Candice.

  • sporece

    CO are usually broke so go ahead and sue them.

    Once again the GB throws CO and elders under the bus in order to save their ass.

    Don't you love them?

  • wifibandit
  • ducatijoe

    I always felt that some day this would happen.. In 20 years as an elder I have seen so much of the crazy political way Elders and MS were appointed.

    At the time however I could not see how messed up it was.

    After standing back and looking it is all so clear.


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