Is there a copy of any of the current GB's passports, vowing allegiance to the constitution of the USA?

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  • LogCon

    Does the USA still require the oath of allegiance?

    and it so

    Have any of the current GB made such an oath?

    Where or how would I find a copy?

  • rebel8

    Have you tried Google to see what is required for getting a passport now and if there's an option for religious objection?

  • problemaddict

    I am not 100% certain but I do not believe this has been required for some time.

  • JWdaughter

    Just filled out the papers recently, andthere is no oath of any allegience.Its moreof a disclaimer that you're not obligated to any other country, have not done anything against this one. Rather than an affirmation of loyalty to this country, it is more of a declaration that one has no conflicts involving any other government. Which I guess one could say was an issue, but. . . .not really the way it was worded. I was paying attention for just this reason. sorry, folks.

    FYI, even if you don't think you travel much, get the bigger(more pages) passport as it doesn't cost a bit more than the regular, but if you suddenly become a world traveler (like I did), it is expensive to get extra pges put in a current passport. Like 100 bucks after all the fees. Especialy if you are in a hurry.

  • Balaamsass2

    I remember in the 60s JWs having a hard time with the oath for becomming a mail-man.

  • trujw

    You can find a article on Under pledge of aligence. I believe it was stopped after 1973. To your point what a bunch of hypocrites use 5 year olds to further the messiah complex but had no problem with themselves giving an oath to ones country so they could fly around the world. For some reason that really pisses me off!

  • CaptainSchmideo

    This is the second time this question has come up, and it's a bogus issue to get outraged over. There is no "loyalty oath" required to get a passport. If you don't believe me, look up the app on this website:

  • blondie

    I renewed my passport recently (US), no loyalty requirement.

    Can you find anything that shows that now (2014) that the US government requires people to take a loyalty oath to get a passport?

  • Kenneson

    It must have been an issue at one time. The Informant of July, 1938, p. 20 contains an article entitled "Allegiance and Citizenship"

    It states:

    "The Society receives many letters concerning the subject of allegiance and citizenship. Many of the brothers ask: Shall I take out citizenship papers?

    The taking out of citizenship papers is a personal matter. It is not the province of the Society to say whether you should or should not apply for citizenship. All should decide for themselves.

    Is it wrong to take the oath of allegiance to this country? Taking the oath of allegiance means that one renounces his obligations of citizenship to the country of which he had been a subject, and assumes the obligations of a citizen of this country. Allegiance to a country is not incompatible with Christianity. Paul was a citizen of the Roman empire and claimed his rights as such. He therefore recognized his obligations as a citizen. Natural-born citizens owe the duties of citizenship, and no Christian is required to renounce such citizenship. We see no reason why one desiring to assume citizenship in this country should not take the oath of allegiance.

    Those applying for citizenship are asked the question: "Are you willing to bear arms in defense of the country?" A Christian will obey the law of God which prohibits the killing of one's fellow men. The Israelites engaged in war because God so commanded them. Such warfare was righteous because approved and directed by Jehovah God. Therefore, if a Christian answers the question about bearing arms, "Yes." he should qualify it by saying, "Yes, if there is any war commanded by Jehovah, or in the proper defense of one's person or property."

  • Kenneson

    Wouldn't the "faithful and discreet slave" be the only one to tell us if a war is "commanded by Jehovah"? Now, that's a scary thought!

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