Malaysian flight crash in Ukraine VS Flight 93 in Pennsylvania

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  • Splash

    Apognophos: The plane dove into the ground at hundreds of miles an hour so there was no time to break apart

    In the video clips showing the impact explosion, do you see any plane falling to the ground? Any smoke trails?


  • prologos

    there were no video clips published that show the plane before the impact. like the surveillance video of the airliner going into the penagone at street level.

    but the debris field shows that the thing was not in one piece any more. The puzzler is the toilet paper falling out of the sky among the smoke.

    Flight 17 came in at a shallower angle perhaps than the Pan Am over Scotland, or the wings were in a spin as they hit.

    The people in control are trying to hide something, lifting with cranes and loading stuff.?

    There are videos of test crashes at high speeds, and Aluminum structures pulverize with that energy, as was the case in PA.

    thankfully an impossible process to feel,-- for the victims we mourn.

  • Apognophos

    The paper and light debris that fell around the crash site was probably material that was light enough to escape out the back of the plane as it struck the ground and compressed, going up before it came back down.

  • DJS

    I wondered when the conspiracy theorists amongst us would re-surface on this. Do you all have any idea how intensely these incidents are investigated? Between the NTSB and the FBI, who by law (2002) is the Incident Commander on all terrorists events in the US and who was the IC on this and other 9/11 incidents, this incident was analyzed and evaluated by the very best experts in the world. I have had the privilege of working with some of the individuals who respond to these, including the forensive pathologist (a PhD in forensics - dude came straight out of CSI) and a D-MORT specialist who responded to the WTC site. I was days away from being sent to the WTC site for a 4 month role, but circumstances changed.

    In addition, literally hundreds of other local and regional agencies typically respond to these events, all under one command. They range from local law/fire/emeregency medical, etc. to regional/national experts, depending on what skillset is needed. It strains credibiilty to think that ALL of these experts would be either a part of the conspiracy or completely incompetent as to support the types of dumbass theories I see on the 'Net. The types of glaring would be inconsistencies 'noted' by the conspiracy theorists would be immediately noted by the cadre of professionals who work these incidents.

    The PA incident is typical. The phone calls FROM the plane while it was in the sky are well known, including the very day of the incident. The black box supports that there was an attempt to breach the cockpit and the plane subsequently diving. There is no evidence within the black box that this plane was shot down. The plane reached the ground in one piece, and the rather soft re-claimed ground was a perfect place to enter without blasting into a billion pieces.

    The US clearly indicated the day of these attacks that their air response was woefully inadequate and fighters were not able to respond quickly enough. All of this is a part of the record.

    In addition, if 'someone' has 'special knowledge' of this event, or had such knowledge from a friend of a friend of a friend or a workmate of a workmate of a workmate, the NTSB and damn sure the FBI would have beaten a path to their door. To think that credible statements about this event would not have been listened to and verfiied if true is ridicuous to the nth degree.

    I have said this before on this site: I KNOW these types of people. I have worked with many of them. They are the very best in the world at what they do, and believe it or not most of them are boyscouts, true blue, four square and love the US and the American Way. They receive some of the very best training on the planet and most have college degrees. The specialists often, as I stated, have advanced degrees and years of experience doing what they do. To place any credence in the 'Net conspriacy theories about this event and those like it is to believe in fairies, witches and hob-goblins.

    Now that I've got that over, conspiracy theorists OTOH, typically have a high school dimploma and an Internet account.

  • Apognophos

    Well said.

  • sir82

    In addition, literally hundreds of other local and regional agencies typically respond to these events, all under one command.

    Good lord! This conspiracy is HUGE!

    Good thing the Bilderbegers, Rockefellers, Freemasons, and Lizard-eyed replicants all have deep pockets.

  • HBH

    I'm not an expert, but have been keenly observing this. First, we do not know what the cause of the explosion was, evidence points to a Ukrianian fighter jet missle. (dispite what the media is saying) Here is a good information source. There is graphic video of the crash site, but it is too gorey to post here. Most of the evidence on flight 93 is not available, however I think a straight crash into the ground would obliteate a lot, including bodies. An example is the Jenni Rivera crash, where there was only tiny peices of debris (and her body). In looking at the mh17 debris and bodys, it would seem that after a catostrophic explosion, the airplane was ripped apart going over 500mph. Although they would pass out instantly, that speed is over double of the worst tornado. Many even had their clothing ripped from them. The seats, belts, everything was torn up, they were long dead before they hit the ground. However, there were some that were clothed and still in tact, considering they hit the ground at appx. 200mph. I'm sure if you googled, you would find the 2 videos. They are not for the faint. I even hope this post was not too graphic


  • Ocean1111

    Paul Craig Roberts noted this in his blog comparing the two "crash" sites:

    ""NOTE: Photos are now available of the wreckage from the Malaysian airliner crash. Notice the extensive debris and the large section of fuselage. You are observing remains of an airliner that was hit with a missile at 33,000 feet and fell to impact land. Remember, no such debris was present at the site where the airliner is alleged to have hit the Pentagon and at the alleged crash site in Pennsylvania of the 4th 9/11 hijacked airliner. Give that some thought. No doubt but that the 9/11 Commission will conclude that only Malaysian airliners leave debris.""

  • Apognophos

    Um, what? Why is he comparing a plane that was hit with a missile to planes that weren't hit with missiles? I have no idea what he's trying to say, it's so poorly thought-out. If he thinks flight 93 was shot down, then this Malaysian incident should go towards disproving his conspiracy theory. If he doesn't think it was, I have no idea why he's making a comparison in the first place.

  • DJS

    Conspiracy Theorists,

    I came on this site a year ago after being out of the Borg for two complete decades. I didn't come on looking for anything; I certainly didn't need anything. I spent 20 years living life to the full. Some of it was planned and some of it was simply Forest Gumping my way to excellent adventure. My only reason for being on this site is to try to help my former bros and sis's to learn how to think analytically, rationally and objectively. It will improve your life, your personal relationships and likely your bank account.

    Having said that, I came with my own personal objectives: 1. I won't attempt conversations with theists, especially those with nothing more than a high school diploma and some intense bible learnin'. 2. I won't feed trolls. 3. I won't enter discussions for which I am not a SME or I cannot offer something of value. and 4. I won't try to have a rational, intelligent discussion with dumbasses. Check my posting history; you will see I have kept very damn close to my objectives.

    But LisaRose kindly (she's always kind, and wicked smart) reminded me I shan't call people dumbasses (I think I'm breaking some kind of rule. And the International Dumbass Society (IDS) was threatening legal action). So I started calling dumbasses - chimps. Then LisaRose kindly (she is so very balanced and fair) reminded me that I shan't call people chimps (I think I'm breaking some kind of rule). And the chimps were starting to clutter up my email, twitter and facebook accounts with angry rants, telling me that I was giving chimps everywhere a bad name. So I started calling people who simply cannot reason or discuss things intelligently or rationally - Neanderthals. Since they are extinct I think I am ok.

    Anyway, I will put an end to the conspiracy theorists rants for all terrorist incidents in the US the past 15 years. I still have close contacts with current and former FBI field agents and Hq, including the head of the regional JTTF. Anyone with special knowledge of the 'real' reason any of these terrorists incidents occurred on US soil do the following:

    PM me the name and contact information of the person with the special knowledge. Do not waste my time. Include the who/what/when/where/how/why of the information. The informations must be credible, the individual must be identifiable (so they can speak to him/her). I will forward this to the JTTF and I will assure you they will follow up.

    I will await your reponses.

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