You gray hair ones here, is time moving slowly or can you see the hour hand moving?

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  • prologos

    LongHairGal, thank you for the compliment. I said I am the oldest teenager around (on my skateboard) and teenagers are known to let on* they are OLDER than they are, and I am no exception. but

    I am not pushing 80, I am pushing ninety, if you think in decades. I am well into my 9th decade. but I have daughter that is 35 times younger than I, but

    both of us do not find the meetings long because

    we have better things to think about, to do, while the drones drone on.

    I think it is appalling that she would be restrained to sit still,-- for 50+ hours her time, if you applied Jgnat's formula above.

    * "let on" without lying, and

    if you care, some people for other reasons would want to appear YOUNGER, with Mrs. Clairol et al's help. nothing dishonest about that.

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