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  • sir82

    Old timers, or careful readers of the Proclaimers book, are familiar with the "testimony card" used in the early days of Rutherford-era door to door witnessing. The JW would traipse up to a house, knock, hand the card over to the householder, and wait while he read it.

    Well, it seems that "everything old is new again". Here is an excerpt from a recent BOE letter:

    We are pleased to inform you of a new tool that will soon be made available for your personal
    ministry. It is a contact card that advertises jw.org. This card will be in full color and will
    be the size of a typical business card. The front will feature unique artwork and the jw.org logo.
    The back will contain an invitation to request more information or a free personal Bible study. It
    will also have a scripture quotation and a quick-response (QR) code that will open the jw.org
    video clip Why Study the Bible? when scanned. In time, a contact card will also be made available
    for the sign-language field.

    It has been observed that some people who are hesitant to accept a tract, magazine, or
    other literature are willing to visit our Web site. The contact card may very well help you to create
    opportunities to give a witness as you go about your daily activities. (John 4:7) Once the congregation’s
    supply of contact cards is received, you may find it beneficial to keep a few cards on
    your person at all times. We know that you will be careful not to waste the cards and will not distribute
    them indiscriminately. The placement of contact cards will not be counted on the Field
    Service Report (S-4).

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks for the info! :)

  • Ding

    Sounds like a high tech version of the phonograph recordings of Rutherford that JWs used to play at the door.

    Why don't they count them on the report like they do with the magazines?

    Sounds like the GB is aware that the number of placements reported is a fiction.

    "We know that you will be careful not to waste the cards and will not distribute them indiscriminately" means, "Don't leave a pile of them at laundromats or doctors' waiting rooms like you do with the mags."

  • OneEyedJoe

    If they try to get me to hand these things out, I'll have to go to vista print and order some similar looking cards that instead direct people to the "Why Jehovah's Witnesses need your help" PDF on jwsurvey instead


  • Absalom

    Can you scan letter and post it please? Aren't the Mormons already doing this?

  • WingCommander

    So this is what the great teaching amd message of Jesus current Kingdom reign, and IMMINENT destruction of the wicked and the one lying in wait has come down to; handing out business cards without a word.

    Aparently the stones WON'T be crying out, but these flimsy business cards with JW.org logo and scan will. How lame. Is this the best they can come out with? The dumbing down of this cult continues. It's like Animal Farm, except it's called WatchTower Farms. Jehovah = Gooood.......Worldly = Baaaad.

    So all Pioneers have to do today to fabricate "time" to save their own skins is to stand beside a literature cart, or hand out business cards in a busy station and not say even a word? Hip-hip Hooo-ray! It's like Elmer Fudd joins Heaven's Gate: "Be vewy-veeewwwy qwuite....I'm huwnting convoits....hahahahahaha." ((Epic face palm))

    The simplistic stupidity of this farce of a religion is just becoming more striking with each passing day. THIS is the best that God's true choosen mouthpiece on earth can come up? So Mormons, etc have their own satelite channels, and JW's are still handing out flimsy tracts and now lame business cards? Something is very, very wrong here. I can just see Lett handing out these cards with a crazy wide-eyed look and saying, "Would you like to learn more about how to worship our loving God, Gee-hoe-vaaaaah?" Then the recipient slowly backs away from the crazy man.

    - Wing Commander

  • hoser

    I'll do what one eyed joe does

  • Londo111

    Either the Watchtower is copying Mormon strategy directly...or maybe one rumor has it, they are taking pointers from the same consultants.

  • leaving_quietly

    For those who want a scan of the letter... I can assure you this is real. An elder told me this same thing over the weekend.

  • Londo111

    I trust anything sir82 reports...

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