The two elders visited my sister again

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  • Focus

    "How difficult is for them to admit that they are in a false religion"

    Wrong question!

    Right question:

    How much do they enjoy spiritual rape?

    Here, if you do not understand:

    Rapists rape because they enjoy raping.

    Simple as that.

    It is therefore pointless to ask them to admit that raping is wrong.

    Speculation as to how their minds work is also pointless.

    Better to just have them arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced and for execution of sentence, whatever it may be.

    Same applies to Spiritual Rape.

    Which is what these Lying Filth is doing to your sister.

    People so steeped in lies have forgotten what "truth" means.

    I sentence them to Spiritual Death.




    ("Locomotive" Class)

  • EmptyInside

    I personally wouldn't even bother talking to the elders. If I tried quoting from an old publication like that,they would just say,"old light".

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