If there was a pill that could open their eyes - would you give it to them?

by truthseeker 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ucantnome

    Today i think probably if it was my parents I would administer the pill like I do the dog's pill. Friends probably not. No need for a pill for the kids.

    I think it would help my parents to have a closer relationship with their offspring which i'm sure they would want.

  • Mikado

    my older ones were all hateful, but I am damned if I will be in return....

  • Focus

    I wouldn't even hesitate for a second before administering it...

    Mikado, it's this simple - choose between TRUTH and LIES.

    This removes most dilemmas in life.

    When many fervent, brainwashed jWs approach death, they realize they have been the victims of a con. They may internalize this realization but it is real nonetheless.

    By providing them with an eye-opening pill early, you will prevent them suffering that final, awful, sickening indignity.

    Failing to do this makes you an accomplice in awful spiritual crime. "Being hateful"? Ludicrous viewpoint.

    "Do unto them as you would have them do unto you" is the Golden Rule... the best single rule that exists to govern the making of decisions (stolen by Xtianity from earlier faiths) carefully think that this mandates giving them the pill.

    And the other side is busy dispensing this filthy, digusting, pus-and-urine coated, cancer-filled pill:

    to the unwary.



    ("Clarity" Class)

  • cofty

    I wonder whether forcing the "red pill" on elderly JWs who know nothing but their delusions would be an act of cruelty.

  • Mikado

    I don't know any hard core dubs who had any doubts on their deathbeds...none... I was raised in an extremely hard core situation. they know nothing but the jw crap...none ever had doubts..

    what good would it do to tell them their whole lives have been a lie and a con?

    that all their friends would dump them at the drop of a hat?

    that all their social ostracism was for nothing?

    that the reason they were a laughing stock for decades was a con?

    to whose benefit would it be ?

    in my opinion it would be NOTHING but a cruelty, I refuse to be involved in any more cruelty. I have had enough of that to last the rest of my life.

  • Mikado

    my younger family members have known nothing else, have no outside friends, no social life. they live in a very isolated area, it would destroys their lives, would they thank me? I dunno............

  • Ucantnome


    what good would it do to tell them their whole lives have been a lie and a con?

    this is only a what if there was a pill thread, however they maybe able to help others not to do the same as them which would be a kindness.

    in my life there were things that i did not do and things that i did do and things that i would have done if the situation arose based on my religion.

    we have commented we feel somewhat lucky that we had children and didn't wait untill after Armageddon. when i left, although the blood issue had come up a couple of times, i'm glad it hadn't been worse or that an organ had been needed. i didn't pursue a career in something i was good at and liked and various things in courting and marriage would have been different. many times it was the older ones who were an influence in how i veiwed things. i still have a christian hope but i feel free to use my conscience more.

  • Focus

    I don't know any hard core dubs who had any doubts on their deathbeds...none


    You sure?

    Really sure??

    You can read minds???

    Just because they claim they are sure and they have no doubts, doesn't mean it is true, You Know.

    Except for the true morons - I mean the really low-IQ dubdubs, and there's masses of them - all jWs have doubts pretty much all of the time.

    They are told this is Satan trying to influence them, and they must ignore it.

    But the doubts still remain, lurking underneath.

    It is one of the four or five prime causes of severe mental illness in jWs...



    ("Undoubted" Class)

  • love2Bworldly

    My answer for my sister is no. She is mentally ill and I think if she found out or realized it was all lies, she would fall apart. So even though I miss being able to talk to her, I would not burst her little bubble-- she is too fragile.

  • truthseeker

    From the comments on here, which are they good by the way, it seems that those who have the most to gain from leaving should be woken up, those who need the WT crutch should be left alone.

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