At some point in the future, you WILL be gay.

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    BA2: "My questions is: How do NPGS NOT practice when they are bunked up with another NPG ?"

    Select the answer of your choice from the following options:

    1) Practice? XXXXing XXXX doesn't take any practice. They just go for it! That's what a non-practicing gay in bethel really means.

    2) It can get very hard, but with Jehovah's help they can keep up a long, hard struggle and come off the winner!

  • OnTheWayOut

    ACCEPTING homosexuality may one day be obligatory. As well it should. Nothing beats speaking in front of a favorable crowd. I haven't stopped laughing at the ridiculousness.

  • Balaamsass2

    Billy, an updated Bethel application will be fact....WILDLY OBLIGATORY!!!!!!!!!!

    I like your doubt honest hearted boys seeking NU LIGHT.

  • Freedom77

    Billy, you crack me up. You're right, it takes no practice . . . but practice makes perfect!

  • Quendi

    That there is an ongoing phobia about homosexuality at Bethel can be seen in the application for the place. A friend of mine was thinking about applying for temporary work there back in the late nineties. Among the questions on the form were those which asked if he had ever been disciplined for homosexuality and if he was a homosexual. My friend is gay but celibate. Upon seeing these questions, he told me he felt a great sense of anger and outrage and returned the application to the service committee. That told me the Society is well aware of the presence of a gay underground at its Bethel sites. The leadership is very foolish if it thinks applicants will answer in the affirmative to either question. I also have to wonder why any gay man would want to live and work in such a hostile environment but I suppose each person would have his reasons.


  • Quendi

    The WTS will never accept homosexuality, OTWO. Its leadership would rather die and rot in Gehenna's basement first. That would be akin to letting "apostates" remain in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses for as far as the Governing Body is concerned, LGBT people might as well be apostates. When I was confronted with 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10 by my judicial committee, I turned the tables on them by asking that since Paul also mentions drunkards in that passage, did the WTS understand him to mean that such people could now consume alcohol since they were 'washed clean' and therefore had no reason to fear a relapse. That question was met with an angry and frustrated silence as they realized that could not be the case but that conceding the point was rejecting WTS doctrine and therefore apostacy. Thereafter the committee focused its questions on how loyal I was to the Governing Body and not on whether I was a gay man or not.

    The WTS still believes that being gay is a deliberate choice and that fervent prayer, regular meeting attendance, intense personal study and active canvassing are enough to purge it out of a person's mind and heart. If the leadership were to espouse any other viewpoint, this would open the floodgates to accepting other things which run directly counter to WTS theology. And once that acceptance became a reality, the chokehold the leadership has over the rank-and-file would be broken and the organization would implode. We need to constantly remember that this is a cult and the only way it will make radical changes such as accepting homosexuality would lead to its destruction.


  • Zoos

    Okay all you sissies... ON YOUR KNEES!

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