At some point in the future, you WILL be gay.

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  • Quendi

    I think the WTS is running scared when it comes to LGBT issues. It sees the rising tide of acceptance as a direct attack against its "base." And now, to its horror, the United States stands on the brink of ending centuries of discrimination and finally sanctioning not only same-sex marriage but ending discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace.

    I no longer doubt the presence of gay men in the upper echelons of the WTS and even the Governing Body itself. There has been an underground gay community at Brooklyn and Wallkill for decades. Likely there is one at Patterson as well and when the headquarters transfers to Warwicki, New York, the gay cells will go with it. The deep homophobia the WTS exhibits tells me that many of its leaders are gay themselves and are very insecure men. Perhaps they think that since they haven't been able to "pray the gay away" in their own lives, strident denunciation will do the trick. But if that is their belief, they are going to find that won't work either. What will they do then?


  • DJS


    While watching this very strange video, I was thinking the same thing. Me thinks he (they) doth protest too much. Once gay marriage is legalized everywhere in the US and the Western world - and it probably won't take long until that occurs - the Borg will be isolated even further. When the current young generation, over 80 percent of whom favor gay marriage, reaches the point where they begin to control and run things, the Borg will face even more pressures, as their front line leaders (elders, MS, COs, etc.) likely won't reallly give a rip about sexual preference.

    Their rants and ravings, along with the other fundies, will seem more and more bizarre, arcane and outdated. Good for them. Let it come.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Do I at least get to pick the woman I have to be wildley homosexual with?

  • problemaddict

    Underground gay community existing for decades.........ummmmmm I'm not doubting you......but I am tho.

  • DJS

    Finally awake,

    Why leave something so important to amateurs and beginners? I have a lot of experience getting women laid by other women and I have excellent taste. I volunteer for the project!!!!!

  • Quendi

    There are several contributors to this site, problemaddict, who will certainly confirm what I have said about gay life at headquarters. Look at the threads they have posted on to get more information about this. Backseatdevil is one of them and there are others.


  • Balaamsass2

    Lots of "NPGS"( non practicing gays) at Bethel in the 70s and also in the 40s and 50s according to family who served there then. My questions is: How do NPGS NOT practice when they are bunked up with another NPG ?

    The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  • steve2

    My Christian scruples prevent me from ever being accused of being either an active or inactive lesbian. In that specific and limited regard, I am without blemish.

  • rory-ks

    I'm sure he must be saying "widely," but it sure does sound like "wildly."

  • Mikado

    oh goody, so i will develop better taste and dress better.....

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