Shouldn't the WTBTS have more than 7 million followers after 140 years of preaching?

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  • jam

    Inactive ones still counted, good question. We need a

    mass disfellowshiping. All inactive ones requesting to

    be DF at the same time. Have no idea what the numbers

    might be but lets say 10000 in the same week here in the US,

    that may cause some to think, what the hell is going on.

    The end must be near...LOL

  • villagegirl

    I read one statistic that one million people have exited

    the watchtower cult since 1975. They have the lowest

    retention rate of any religion on the planet, people just leave,

    more people leave than are DF, many who are "in"

    are not in for real, they are faking it for family or because

    they work for jw business, or just haven't a clue how to connect

    or become employed on the outside.

    So to the original question: YES there should be more

    to a "great crowd" on a planet with over 7 billion humans.

    The Great Crowd is obviously Christendom.

    Here is what proper churched look like:

  • smiddy

    The ratio between JW`s and the population is getting wider , and wider with every year .

    The hours spent door knocking to gain one convert is ever increasing with each year.

    Over-all the yearly % increase is down to what it was some years ago.

    branches are closing down , world wide.

    Lay-offs with CO`s ,DO`s because their past their use-by date.

    Reducing the size of the mags , Watchtower & Awake to cut costs.

    Reduced revenue because of free mags being distributed .

    An ageing population of JW`s and an increasing number of youths leaving the religion .

    And of course the more cultish behaviour of some members of the G.B. in recent years with outlandish statements at International Conventions.

    I would say all of the above ,pluss anything more you can think of , answers the OP questions .


  • jwfacts

    Any sales organization that took 10,000 hours to make 1 sale would be out of business. There is nothing like free religious labour; inefficient but unstoppable.

  • AnnOMaly

    This very question was addressed at the recent IC. O, you faithless one! Do you not realize that, although the religions of Christendom often have many more millions of followers to show for their evangelizing efforts, Jehovah's Witnesses are really the ones being blessed? Pah! Numbers are nothing.

    JWs win!



    Billions of followers (including those following by default rather than choice).

    Under 10 million followers to show for a century of evangelization. "But it is precisely because we are small in numbers compared to Satan's world that we have to conclude that what Christ has accomplished is impressive" - Matt. 7: cramped road to life, few in number, etc. "So the progress that Christ has accomplished over a hundred years is not dependent on numbers."

  • eyeuse2badub

    If we think jw's recruiting is bad, just cmpare it to Noah. Hell he didn't convert anyone outside his immediate family during his decades of preaching. The whole world drown. His ministry was really unproductive LOL

    just saying!


  • Lied2NoMore

    I guy I know was giving a public talk a couple years ago and spent quite a few minutes relating how he took the time to go thru yearbook statistics and the current numbers to show adding up the published numbers should mean there are many more active JWs. But that obviously wasn't the case. He related some DF stories but said there should still be many more witnesses and asked rhetoricly "where do they all go?" Sort of like he really was at a loss.

    Yea JW efforts to increase numbers has been a huge failure

  • designs

    "We're after only the very best"....

  • AnnOMaly

    *** w01 1/15 p. 17 pars. 1-3 Keep in Step With Jehovah’s Organization ***

    IN THE year 1999, the earth’s population reached six billion! The World Almanac indicates that of this number some 1,165,000,000 are Muslims; 1,030,000,000 are Roman Catholics; 762,000,000 are Hindus; 354,000,000 are Buddhists; 316,000,000 are Protestants; and 214,000,000 are Orthodox.


    3 Of course, the number of those associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses is not a criterion for determining if they enjoy divine favor; nor do statistics impress God.

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    How many is a great crowd that was seen standing in heaven noton earth bythe way by John , " which no man was able to number"

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