Richard Dawkins defends “mild pedophilia,” says it does not cause “lasting harm”

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  • KateWild

    isn't this exactly what the legal system does when it differentiate between inappropriate touching vs. various forms of sex with a minor?-Bohm

    Exactly's abhorrent!!!! I know someone that got 6 months when he should have got 20 yrs, the legal system has it's flaws that are out of our control, but it doesn't make it acceptable we can still lobby for change in this democracy can't we?

    Kate xx

  • DesirousOfChange

    Personally, I don't see where Dawkins is defending or approving of "mild pedophilia", only that he is saying that he does not feel that he suffered any "lasting harm" from being groped or fondled as a boy by this teacher.

    I'm glad that he did not suffer "lasting harm". That does not mean that fondling children is OK and I do not think Dawkins implied that it is now, or ever was.

    I recall my first physical for school sports. It was a bit surprising for a 12yo, but I think (nearly) everyone would agree that is an acceptable examination at the doctor's office. I don't think I suffered any "lasting harm". Just because the two incidences may have been the same or similar kind of genital "contact" does make the fondling by the teacher acceptable. Just because there is no "lasting harm" does not make the fondling by the teacher acceptable.

    Abuse or victimization of a child is a very emotional subject, particularly for any of us that has been victimized. Fortunately some may not have been caused "lasting harm". They are the fortunate ones. It still doesn't make it acceptable. Others were not so fortunate.


  • bohm

    Kate: you feel there should be no differentiating between different forms of abuse?

    A schoolteacher who has sex with her 15 year old pupil should be punished the same as the guy who molest the neighbours 5 year old girl in his van?

  • Pacopoolio
    Creating degrees of something like pedophilia is a slippery slope, just as creating degrees of slavery and racism.

    No it's not. Crimes almost ALWAYS have degrees based on a few factors. I can't even fathom how you came to this conclusion.


    It's disconcerting to see how many people in this thread cannot parse simple information just because of an inflammatory headline. It's probably the biggest issue with humanity - the failure to see nuance and instead hedge towards quickly categorizing thing, which leads to a bunch of terrible snap decisions.

  • KateWild

    Kate: you feel there should be no differentiating between different forms of abuse?

    Absolutely not Bohm, but the UK punishment does not fit the crime. Some sexual abuse is far worse than others.......but a 6 month sentence is taking the BLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kate xx

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    The greek philosophers used to say having a small boy as acompanion was enlightenment. Unfortunatley some in society adhere to that philosophy

  • Twitch

    lol puhleeze

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Is mild pedophilia what a pedophil calls forplay?

    When is it considered moderate pedophilia?

  • DJS


    Excellent summary, and that is exactly how I read his responses. I think we can accurately say that most/all on this board abhor child abuse of any type, especially sexual abuse. Having said that, I've seen too many rushing to judgment on this topic whenever it comes up. I understand this topic elicits strong emotions; I'm a father and from the time both my children were born I built a force shield around them, protecting them from the Borg, elders and anyone else who tried to harm them. My leaving the Borg was due in very large part to my desire to allow my children to live their lives unfettered from such control. Anyone who would have harmed them would have met with the full intensity of my anger. I would die for my children; I would kill for them.

    Having said that, it should not be so very difficult to bring rational, balanced and fair-minded thought to this topic. I do not see that from a lot of posters. Rushing to judment accomplishes nothing. Mis-quoting or mis-stating someone's comments accomplishes nothing. Convicting others in kangaroo courts accomplishes nothing. It does not make those doing such more just, more fair, more concerned or more protective of children. It simply makes those responding in such a knee jerk, over-reactionary and broad brushed manner appear a bit un-hinged and a lot irrational. I've seen the exact same responses from some on this topic in general and on the "Pedo elder" and Woody Allen OPs.

    And those of us who would prefer to bring fair mindedness to this topic (as I try to do with every topic) should not have to be accused by the reactionaries of being pro-abuse or closet pedophiles. That is disgusting. VG, you are capable of excellent posts - rational, well thought and balanced. But your emotional over-reaction and broad brushed approach to so many posts causes you to lose your credibility, as I've pointed out before. It is likely this tendency has impacted your professional career and personal lilfe as well.

    That's why, other than this comment, I typically avoid these OPs. Good luck to you all arguing these points. And VG, please don't respond by calling me an idiot. Again. I am 100% spot on accurate. Not everyone chastising you is your enemy and not everyone agreeing with you or telling you sweet things with sweet words is your friend.

  • chrisuk

    Cofty: Nobody is getting an apology from me. What's the worse that can happen, I get banned? I couldn't careless. I rarely post on the site, I read on here more than anything and no matter what was done, stopping people from visiting this site just to read is impossible. Quick ip change and their back. Anyway I'll not apolagize. I stand by everything I said.

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