Bizarro world conclusion to the 2014 International Convention Public Bible Discourse

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  • steve2

    "I can guarantee you won't regret it (joining us)". Is he speaking to me? If not, I'd appreciate his speaking accurately for a change. If he said something like "I know Steve from New Zealand has lots of regrets about joining us when he was born to JW parents, but you here at the convention and satellites won't regret it" - if he said that, at least I'd respect his honest acknowledgement. I'd still think he was talking bullsh*t though.

  • Cadellin

    It's interesting that he goes into the we'll-answer-any-questions-from-the-Bible routine, and yet the questions he offers as an example of what they will answer are the same-old, same-old boring crap like Why Do We Grow Old and Die? and Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? that we've heard over and over.

    The REALLY interesting questions like How Do You Explain Neanderthal Fossils? and Why Do Ice Core Samples Reveal 100,000 Years of Continuous Ice Coverage of the Poles If There Was a Global Deluge a Mere 4,700 Years Ago? and Why Haven't You Published Anything On Radiometric Dating in the Last 30 Years? don't get raised. But those are the ones that REALLY need answering!

  • wifibandit

    Mark Noumair

  • hamsterbait

    We want to tell you that we love money


  • HBH

    I knew him. I wonder if he regrets shunning his own (fleshly) brother. His brother, (name withheld), was DF'ed a few years ago for apostacy. For years, he was a "partaker". I guess telling the audience about how JW's distroy family ties wouldn't fit in with the "brainwashing".


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