Bizarro world conclusion to the 2014 International Convention Public Bible Discourse

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The honest conclusion should have said:

    Let's review: We are a cult!

  • Oubliette

    2:25" - "Study the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses and I can guarantee you one thing: you will never regret it."

    I think everyone here on JWN can confirm that that is a false statement.

    We all regret it!

  • Oubliette

    Witness My Fury, you crack me up!

  • OneEyedJoe

    Some guarentee, too. Is everyone else here still waiting on their refund, or is it just me?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Awful. Truly an awful conclusion. He didn't sound like he was particularly convinced of what he was saying. Guys like Mark have said this same crap often enough that they just can't muster genuine enthusiasm, so they read it and fake it... and he's a terrible actor to try to fake it.

    I'm trying to remember the spelling of his last name. Neumair, something like that. They didn't introduce him as gilead instructor, so evidently they've promoted him to brown-nose GB2.0 as his full-time job. I was privy to some of the gilead graduation stuff and for his parts that involved relating experiences of the students, he seemed to be pretty good at making something out of nothing. And they really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel with some of these 'experiences'. A gilead student talks to someone twice that's not particularly interested, and the story gets retold during the graduation that they're studying and making 'excellent progress'. Sometimes the students have even acted out the experiences that other local publishers had, not something that they themselves ever did. He never impressed me much, although he seemed to be plenty impressed with himself. He knew the JW stuff well enough, but never seemed to have an original thought. A company man with a "more of the same" attitude.

  • Magwitch

    Lots of things can be guaranteed by studying the Bible with JW's. "You will never regret it", however, is not one of them.

  • sir82

    He seems bored and insincere.

    Re: the use of "facts", allow me to quote Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    "If you are not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you are our guest...and we love you"*


    * dislaimer:

    Unless you choose not to become a Jehovah's Witness. In that case, we happily anticipate your demise and god killing you at Armageddon. You are buzzard bait.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    What I would give to know the *actual* number of people who received an invitation to the convention and showed up. This guy is probably talking to less than 10 people, including satellite conventions. (no fair to count the homeless people who waddled into the convention, they do not count!!)

    But no one could ever know this. The typical mind-numb JW in that audience is probably thinking that a significant group in the audience is hearing these "welcoming words" for the first time and how joyful they must be that all that busy work time was wasted errr... spent littering the world with invitations.

  • daringhart13

    "we want to tell you that we love you"


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