Would JWs Really Drink The Kool Aid?

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  • Mum

    In the real live example when Jim Jones' followers drank the Kool-Aid, they were not given a choice. If they didn't drink it, they were injected with it. He started with the children so the parents would not want to go on. Only a few people survived; i.e., about three people ran and hid in the jungle, and one old lady hid under her bed. If that day comes for the JW's, I can visualize their leaders setting up a similar scenario so that everyone has to drink the Kool Aid and has no choice in the matter.

    Let's hope that day never comes.

  • PaulaCaptiva

    IMO about 1/3....the foolish third.

  • Freedom77

    I agree with Bennyk and Mum - the R&F would have to be prepared and conditioned for it, but you know the Borg is really, really good at organizing events and also propaganda. First there would be top-secret meetings roping in the elders and ministerial servants and other "spritually strong" baptized brothers. (Ever noticed how quick the under-30 bros turn into fascist Storm Troopers when given some authority at assemblies and such - they love barking out the orders and throwing their weight around, no questions asked.)

    Then there would be weeks or months of preparing the R&F lambs for the slaughter with special talks and pointed WT articles. It would all be so carefully and "lovingly" arranged, leading up to the "Special Meeting" day . . . . Seems to me from all I read on this board and others that there's a lot more disaffected bros and sisters now who show up for meetings but their heart isn't really in it. I dunno about now, I haven't set foot in a KH since 1977, but in my time before the 1975 debacle, as far as I ever knew, it was nearly all true believers -- I would say in that day and time, at least two-thirds would have drunk the kool-aid without a moment's hesitation, especially if the kids were killed first, and maybe even 80 or 90 percent. The others, as Mum suggests, would have to be forcibly done away with -- the "spiritually weak" ones who as usual didn't prepare for the meeting!

    The idea of what would happen if the order was to go out and kill others . . . mmm, I'm thinking the numbers would have been somewhat lower because of the fear of retribution from police and jail time, etc. -- but I'm sure a significant number would have done the deed "whole-souled for Jehovah" if they were told to. Again, all with the Society's excellent planning & preparation beforehand. The lying, stinking bastards.

  • smiddy

    Well really you only have to look at past examples.

    What are some that come to mind , after the second world war.

    Conscientious objectors to military service : Some of which spent many years in prison for taking such a stand in various parts of the world. Some of which are on this board.

    Sadly these guys drank the kool Aid.

    The infamous "Awake" magazine that portrayed many youths who died refusing blood transfusions and held up as martys by the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses up until this magazine was printed ,are victims of the Kool Aid.

    And so are the parents ,guardians of these children who are complicit in their death , guilty also of drinking the Kool Aid , sacrificing their children to a religous organisation that began in America along with so many other religions that sprung up about that time.

    And lets face it can jehovahs witnesses honestly say they have fared any better than , The Church of Jesus Christ of The latter Day Saints ?

    The Seventh day Adventists ? the Christadephians ? the Christian Scientists ? Have a look at tele-evangalists ? etc.

    Many of these religions are doing far better than the JW`s without the door to door work , which was never done in bible times .

    House to house work in bible times was going from one beleivers house to another beleivers house


  • minimus

    There will always be fanatics and brain dead followers.

  • minimus

    There will always be fanatics and brain dead followers.

  • jeremiah18:5-10

    What if drinking the koolaid actually was a directive that involved, rather than taking their life, starting to cleanse the earth of evil, starting with their unbelieving family, especially those that left? I was pondering this the other day and whether my parents, still very active, would do so. I don't think they could. But Hebrew scriptural examples are abundant of isrealites killing their family members to demonstrate loyalty. I could see it being a directive given.

  • AlphaMan

    The only way a high percentage of JW's would drink any suicidal kool-aid is if it were a worldwide coordinated event. Otherwise other witnesses, family members & authorites would get the news out and KH's would be shutdown and JW's rounded up. Now, a diabolical JW Governing Body could pull off a coordinated mass JW kool-aid drinking party if they put their minds to it.

  • Freedom77

    Hell yeah they could. You know how good they are at borganization. And how proud they are of the (much-repeated) fact that every single JW congo around the world is studying the very same WT article every Sunday.

    Of course for the kool-aid party, as you say to prevent warnings going out it would have to be held worldwide at one certain time UTC, regardless of local time. But the R&F would all gladly troop along to a Special Meeting at midnight or 3 a.m. if told it was their duty to Jehovah!

    Scary thought. Hope it never happens . . . but it could.

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