Visit from JW relatives..

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  • NVR2L8

    They finally I can enjoy life without JWism and repetition for emphasis...One of the things I discussed with the brother in law was how it would have been impossible for 8 humans to take care of the animals in the arch when hundreds of employees work at the city zoo...his reply was that god could have miraculously sustained the animals so they didn't need to eat and didn't produce manure...the same answer was used to explain how animals migrated to their current location and multiplied to fill the earth all in only 4000 years...

  • blondie

    !!!!And who says jws don't add to or write their own bible history.............

  • Focus

    So he admits he lacks education ?

    But does not connect this with the WT organization

    telling him not to educate himself ?

    He would rather turn his mind over and be programmed ?

    He considers himself incapable of reason ?

    What have they done to this poor bastard ?

    Unbelievable. Its about fear !! Fear and shame.

    They have destroyed the man.

    Follow the lead ? Loving ? Holy cow.

    There needs to be a 16 page dumbed down version

    of Crisis of Conscience for these poor slobs.

    villagegirl, I agree. But please realize that some are Sheep and some are Wolves. It was always that way.

    And who says jws don't add to or write their own bible history

    blondie, the Watchtower is not just a new Bible chapter twice a month, but occasionally a New Gospel too.



    (Benevolently Vulpine" Class)

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