Visit from JW relatives..

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    You're right. When you are a fader and JW relatives visit.....there isn't much to talk about.

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    The nothingness I experience from my JW relatives is truly atounding as well. You have my deepest empathy. There IS nothing to talk about with them

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    Iown Mylife

    Ask 'em to help paint the toolshed. Keep 'em busy!


  • NVR2L8

    I edited a text but an error occurred and all was lost...I just can't take the congregation talk and the silly children's jokes and play on words. They brought entertainment...30 years old movies...and instead of having meaningful conversations they parrot WT propaganda.

    I had an hour alone with my wife's brother and he said that my wife was sad that I have left the truth. I replied I couldn't go on living in a faith that focuses on the bad things going on in the world or believe that happiness only possible by destroying billions of humans at the big A. He said world conditions were getting worse and I replied this wasn't true, that he only believes this because that's what is being repeated over and over at the meetings. On the contrary, living conditions have never been better and although there are some problems, I prefer living today than any other time in known history. I told him none of my neighbors deserve to die simply because they are not accepting the WT magazine. So he replied that Jehovah reads the heart and that he would not destroy those who were not presented the I said why do we preach if the people who never hear the message have a better chance of survival? His reply was that we have to start teaching some of them now because who is going to teach the resurrected ones during the milenium? I said the politically correct answer is that Jehovah sees the heart, but if he checks the teachings of the WT he will find out that only the ones associated with the organization will be saved. At one point of the conversation he said his poor education didn't allow him to debate or reason with me and that it was easier for him to follow the lead of the loving brothers in the congregation.

    At that point I said that we should stop discussing religion and I told him to keep this conversation between us because his elders may reprimand him for debating with an apostate. He said he was visiting his sister to encourage her to continue in the faith...

    In closing I just wanted him to know that I didn't leave the JW because I was depressed or because I was stumbled. I left because I realized that what is presented and repeated at the Kingdom Hall has no divine inspiration and is nothing more than the views of imperfect men that have a history of being wrong.

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    My parents are visiting next week. *sigh*

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    I have finally come upon the strategy of dead silence when anything JW related comes up and its been pretty effective. In fact, my dad has told me that my mom recognizes what I'm doing and it frustrates her to no end.

    But, the fact is that there can't be a conversation when only one party is talking.

    I used to get angry when my mom spoke to me like an outsider that hadn't lived as a JW all my life, but now I force her to deal with me as a non JW and explain all the ridiculousness.

    For example, "Dad and I have applied to go to the international convention in Hawaii!"

    Me: That's really weird. Why would you have to apply?

    Mom: Well, they want to make sure they have enough room for everyone.

    Me: (puzzled and incredulous face)

    I have learned that this forces her to think about how whatever she's saying really sounds to normal people.

  • NVR2L8

    I keep silent too GT but they haven't figured it out because all they do is parroting without giving what they say any thought. So the 3 of them have monologs, not conversations...

    On another note, I picked up the tab for breakfast at the restaurant when my brother in law was planning on treating us. I said that I was happy to do this because I know they live off a fixed income. He said I was insulting him and his typical JW answer was that gifts have value only when it involves a sacrifice of some sort (widow's 2 coins vs rich man's excess). I told him I didn't suscribe to this idea...A gift should cause joy for the giver as much as the receiver. In fact how could I happily accept a gift if I knew it represented too much of a sacrifice for the giver or that he would be left needing...

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