Is their any evidence/proof that the G.B.enjoy first class flights accomodation in their travels ?

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  • John_Mann

    (I can't imagine a hard-drinking, hard-fornicating individual like Richard Burton actually "enjoying" a conversation with a cyborg like Knorr....)

    I bet he used that conversation as inspiration to his character in the 1984 movie.

  • sloppyjoe2

    @fulano no indianapolis does not have a branch

  • CaptainSchmideo

    John_Mann: You know, that's a very good observation! Wow!

  • fulano

    @Sloppy, no of course not, I know that's why he slept in a hotel. who were those " important Bethel speakers" ?

  • Vidiot

    If I was a GB member, I sure as hell wouldn't fly coach.

  • zarco

    We brought GB members to dedicate the KH and also to conventions/other. We would always try to arrange business class seats or similar. These folks are old and traveling across the country is tough. It is not a real religion and the JWs do not do any good for society. It is a business and when the business is run by old folks one may as well make sure they get to the location somewhat rested and comfortable.

  • hamsterbait

    i had a friend, who owned his own company - decided to take a break and travelled to NY.

    He visited a congo, and when they heard he had his own company, he was courted by the Beth Hell agents.

    He saw floors where brothers said, 'you must have money if you're up here'.

    He was taken to dinner by a Beth hell heavy, along with a worldy financial advisor they employ. Said heavy had a business expense account, and paid for the expensive dinner. Hmmmm

    Yet the office minions are not even allowed to sip a drink while they work at their desk, and have to ask permission to go to the toilet.


  • hamsterbait

    Don't they follow the example of "Judge Boozerfraud"

    He drove around in two Cadillacs, and lived in a mansion.

    And a poster from Malta asked why Sydlik was staying at a first class Hotel there for a convention, instead of with the brothers - he just slammed the phone down on him.


  • fulano

    I would have done the same, it' s not your business, maybe he was invites by a local, or paid his own hotel. Some have money you know.

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