How do you feel when you see the Witnesses in the door to door work? Angry, Sad, or dumbfounded?

by John Aquila 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Simon

    Sad, especially when ithere's some little kid there with them.

    That's why I am not an "Angry Apostate" on the doorstep. What I say to the adults is normally a message for the kids to hear.

    "yeah, I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness and used to be dragged round on the ministry on Saturday morning instead of doing something fun on a beautiful day like this. I did a lot of research when I got old enough, discovered it wasn't the truth and that we were just doing the bidding of a bunch of old guys we'd never meet so I left and life's been so much better since. Now I get to enjoy beautiful days like this doing things with my family instead. Life is just so much better when you leave the fairy stories behind".

    Anything to promote the idea that you can question things and you can leave and be happy.

    If they don't have kids then I like to get them to read a few scriptures to get them confused with their own doctrines or talk about the ridiculousness of the Adam and Eve story until they take the cop-out-route of "it was just a story" and then ask "so if you believe in Jesus, what did he die for?".

    It's fun to see them utterly confused. Who knows, it may make them question things. We all know that if someone asks the Elders for answers they will often be told to shut up and keep quiet. There's the answer they need to hear to know the truth.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I remember sitting in a Hardee's burger joint one morning on a rare day off, reading the morning paper and drinking coffee, looking out the windows, glad I wasn't outside in the early morning heat. Soon, I overheard a conversation at a nearby table of old guys.

    Old Guy in Hat: "Hey, what are those people outside doing?"

    Old Man in Plaid: "Protesting I think."

    OGH: "I thought, maybe they were striking somewhere."

    OMP: "Dunno, too damn hot if you ask me," shaking his head, slurping his coffee.

    Yep, not one set, but two sets of pioneer sisters out at 7 a.m., getting in their time before it REALLY got hot.

    This was probably one of the things, way back in the late 80's that stsrted putting doubts in my head. See, I was often out there too, a regular pioneer, doing the same damn thing. Old guys were unknowingly also talking about ME. I just happened not to be out that day. How ridiculous we looked, walking, talking too each other, no clear purpose to the onlookers we were supposed to be witnessing to.

    I often went door-to-door as an elder and pioneer, especially in later years, by myself. I would be in an odd numbered car group. I would take one for the team and drive and go by myself so the sisters wouldn't have to. Between the aforementioned "pioneer shuffle," going back and moving the car so others wouldn't have to, and the fake doorbell rings and light taps meant not to be heard, I rarely actually talked to anyone.

    Did I mention I once or twice stated from the platform during public talks that I hated door-to door? Most witnesses hate the ministry. Feel compassion for them unless they get stupid. I finally quit door-door in 06 and left for good in 07.

    Should have paid attention to the old guys.


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