How do you feel when you see the Witnesses in the door to door work? Angry, Sad, or dumbfounded?

by John Aquila 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • paulmolark

    I feel annoyed. 3 months ago I left my gate open while mowing the lawn. They drove through my gate up my driveway and rang my doorbell. I looked at the cam and saw it was them and my wife told me to lock the gate so they couldn't get out.

    i clicked the clicker and it closed and they did not realize till they got back to the car. The next 10 minutes we ignored the ring if he bell and enjoyed watching them get scared wondering if hey would ever get out lol

  • cultBgone

    Bungi Bill put it well.

    The last time I saw them on my street there were two teenaged girls in dowdy long skirts being followed by an older man (that was creepy, really). I was in the kitchen and heard a barely audible tap on the front door, but by the time I'd gotten there the girls were far down the street I don't remember what they left in the door, but I do remember my impression that they certainly did not want to actually engage anyone at the door as they barely made any noise.

    I was like that for quite a time at before I faded. Really did not want to talk to anyone as I thought what we had to say was embarrassing.

  • mrquik
    I have the best time running into Witnesses door to door. I was at my wife's uncle's home in Philly when I saw them working the street. Two brothers, one in his forties & one in his twenties came to talk to me. I told them I knew of their religion and had a few things I didn't understand. Had a great time with the older guy trying to defend 1914, their definition of a generation, the street work, etc. The older man was oblivious to losing every point, but the younger man was not. I hope I planted some seeds of doubt & that he gets out while young. If you get the chance, use it to free someone. View it as your moral responsibility.
  • NewYork44M
    I live in midtown Manhattan so the probability of seeing a d2d witness is slim to none. When I see the carts I feel sad and angry.
  • stuckinarut2

    I feel genuine pity for witnesses who feel like they are proving their value and spirituality through these works...

    i feel annoyance on behalf of the community who just wish their views were respected, and they were left alone!

  • LisaRose
    I feel sad that these are good people that are wasting their time doing nothing of any value whatsoever.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I believe they finally put my name on the do not call list,

    the evil Apostate list. I see them knocking on all my neighbors

    doors but walk right past our home, hell I'm a little jealous.

    It made my day when they use to come by. LOL

    If they ever come again to my door I will ask them how

    many ex-JW's have you mat at the doors, and why are so many

    of your young folks leaving the truth.

  • punkofnice
    It makes me sigh. They're just wasting their lives on delusion.
  • WTWizard

    They better not give me a hard time about my Christmas decorations. Or that they cannot see every web site I visited on my computer (from this one, the occasional porn site, other sites that criticize Christi-SCAM-ity, and openly Satanic sites). Or that I no longer make do with cheap crap that barely does its job for a week before crapping out. Or that I use Worldwide Damnation Fund money on buying silver that I keep (and they have the nerve to hound children for ice cream money). Or that I have, and listen to, rap and heavy metal music including Led Zeppelin.

    Or try forcing me back in. Let them drag me to court, produce documents where my baptism is a legally binding contract, or show up with a lawyer or attorney, and I could be forced right back into the cancer against my will and prevented legally from ever leaving again. There goes my access to this site, and other sites that bash Christi-SCAM-ity (or, for that matter, anything else that could give me access to real conditions in the world). There goes my right to buy whatever I want, instead of wasting the money on donations. With courts on their side, they could pry into my income tax return or pay stubs and demand that I cut to the bare minimum expenses so donations can be made. With Saturn still in Sagittarius (it backs into Scorpio June 16 only to return to Sagittarius September 18), this is more realistic.

  • tiki

    when I see them with kids, I feel very sorry for the kids - they should be playing, having fun - not dragged about and being victimized......

    when I see adults only, I think "you poor deluded diehard".........................

    but, on the flip side - it is a rare sight in my neighborhood...........

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