Another cheery video for the kids on jw.dork

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  • factfinder

    Caleb knows that the gb is" Jehovah'!

    He wants other children to know that too!

  • hamsterbait

    These videos are penis- centric.

    The females are mere adjuncts to the big or little penis-possessors, who are the only ones who count and therefore need these lessons. Little girls are already seeing they come second. That women forget their own shortcomings and need to forgive those of the penis-bearers in the family.

    oh, and I watched them all. Jesus is mentioned ONCE in Jehovah Created all Things, and in the Giving one. Nowhere else.....


    Maybe you can tell me why Jehoobie wastes his energy pulling ugly faces over magic, when it doesn't exist? Why does the camera pan up to heaven where JW.ORG is in the sky?

    Why is Morris soo patronising, like a priest or pope?

  • UFCFan

    You messed up the title. It should say "another cheesy brainwashing video for the kids"

  • Focus

    Grooming to prepare the more spiritual kids to serve as Pedophile-Fodder (at the appropriate time, of course)...

    As to all this focus on kiddies, let's here what Cult-Founder Charles Taze Russell wrote:

    "Savages and Maniacs Taken To Heaven? If heaven were made the receptacle of the heathen, savages, barbarians, the idiotic, simple, insane and INFANTS, it would cease to be heaven to a considerable extent, and become a pandemonium.. billions of ignorant, imbecile and degraded .. never formed characters [not] fit companions for saints" - The Watchtower, August 15 1896, p245

    To his credit I'll say that as far as I can tell, Russell never raped any boy, or any girl aged under 16. How many other WTS leaders can that be said for, I do not know...



    ("Credit where credit's due" Class)

  • stuckinarut2

    "thankyou Jeeeehooovar for Caleb...who died for us so that we may live...

    Oh, wait, no thats Jeeeesus...or is it the Governing Body...

    Oh , doesnt matter...we watched cartoons......during the boring family indoctrination session this week....Thank GOD!"

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