"New Book" God's Kingdom Rules

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  • bennyk

    disposable hero of hypocrisy writes: "What dya reckon would happen if one were to call out the society on the above points, using the society's own literature to prove it? If it's incontrovertible, what could they say? How could they deny it?"

    I did write the Watch Tower Society regarding their re-writing of their history. They responded by acknowledging that there were errors in the earlier literature and then stated: "To go further by endeavoring to explain the meaning and intent of each published statement of which you inquire would, we believe, amount to egaging in 'debates about words.' (1 Timothy 1:4; 6:4,5; 2 Timothy 2:14) [...] Taking into consideration an article's context and evident intent can be helpful in not becoming distracted by minor details or wording that can result in debates that are 'unprofitable and futile.' (Titus 3:9)" Then they ordered me to get back to meetings and engage in preaching their gospel. (Needless to say, their response ensured my departure...)

  • leaving_quietly

    something is out of date that is in a publication only 3 years old

    This BRAND NEW book is out of date! They have a picture of Guy Pierce in there with the GB.

  • Londo111

    Okay…I’ve read the first two chapters on my phone. Am I being overly critical, or does the style read like a book for children?

    Another thing I noticed--though I might’ve missed it because of reading it on my phone or it might well be mentioned later in the book: Though they talk about 1914, and the Gentile Times, nowhere do they explain how to compute the Gentile Times, or mention the Tree Dream of Daniel 4, or even 607.

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  • frankiespeakin

    Okay…I’ve read the first two chapters on my phone. Am I being overly critical, or does the style read like a book for children?

    One needs a childlike naiveness to think like the Governing Body and then everything makes sense. God flying around the heavens in a magic chariot, God's kingdom rulling for a 100 years, these things can only make sense if your very imature in your comprehension of the real world and how it works, instead they opt for the God snapped his fingers and it just happens concept. And when you kind of think about it their type of thinking really does make the brain shrink.

    Use it or lose it is my beleif. Belief in fairy tales once one has reached say age fifteen got to be bad for the brain in processing information based on false hood(garbage in garbage out). I'm thinking that their childlike tone in the book is the only way you can explain thier brand of bullshit that they are selling. Hardening of the arteries may also be another factor to concider, not to mention their extreme hatred of getting a good education.


  • Focus

    This book represents a further perversion of the truth, beyond what the Proclaimers managed. They've got smarter and they just leave masses out.

    Filthy liars.

    If I wasn't constrained by the secular laws under which I live, I'd gladly stone all those involved to death with stones.

    Emmm, how else does one stone, except with stones? And I'm only repeating the Watchtower's sentiments about dealing with "apostates" (i.e., truth-tellers), so, WTS-apologists, please don't blame me for following your Mother's example.

    Here is a quiz of something you will NOT find out from this new rewriting-history attempted whitewash:

    Which jW boss-man was delivering a speech "Fighters Against God Will Not Prevail", when he was struck down and died on the spot?



    ("gODLY Hate" Class)

  • Londo111

    Thanks, wannabefree!

  • baldeagle

    Thanks, wannabefree, much appreciated.

  • Londo111

    Having read those chapters, I think I see how they justify to themselves leaving out important parts of their history, like Pyramids or Beth Sarim. Basically they only give information to those they feel are “mature” enough to handle it. They see the rank and file as immature children.

  • Londo111

    Oh, and I think they are trying to counter Captives of a Concept with this publication.

    Why did Jesus choose them as the Faithful Slave?

    They are trying to say they were chosen because of these core teachings:

    * No Trinity.

    * No immortal soul.

    * No hellfire.

    * Use of the Divine Name “Jehovah”.

    * Emphasizing the Preaching work.

    * Separating from “Babylon”.

    * Paradise Earth.

    This made them prepared for 1914. From reading thus far, it is hard to fathom they will make any doctrinal changes to the 144000 or 1914. They seem to be drawing a line in the sand.

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