"New Book" God's Kingdom Rules

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    DisposableHeroOf Hypocracy: your user name brilliantly answers your question.

    A collective body of people united will always see outsiders as little demons without a voice.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Ah, but I speak as an insider!

    So what would happen if I was to say, "I just don't understand why we say the bible students didn't know what was going to happen when THIS old wt shows they were very specific about what they thought was going to occur " incontrovertible right?

    Actually, I just released the inner jw from his apostabox into my mind for a second, and he came up with the argument that" yes, they THOUGHT they knew what was going to happen, but they had it wrong, as we can see in retrospect "

    There's no winning..

  • blondie

    I had a sister tell me that an apostate must have put in apostate words in a book I had just taken out of the KH library.

    I have said many times, it is best to "hang them with their own words" but I have had jws say something is out of date that is in a publication only 3 years old and has not been replaced...even if you find something in the WT that comes out tomorrow, some jws will disregard it.

    For them I have this saying, "don't confuse me with the facts."


  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Disposable...you say " theres no winning" i say " Did i really win or did i really loose, thats up to me"

  • AnnOMaly

    OK, the old literature is out-of-date and NooLiteâ„¢ has replaced it. But that doesn't excuse the modern-day misrepresentation of what used to be believed and preached. At least (unlike Orwell's 'Ministry of Truth'), there are copies of the original documents to cross-check.

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    Thank you wannabefree for your hard work! Agrape Maralee

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  • Quendi

    As Jesus said in one of his parables, "Out of your own mouth I condemn you." WTS literature is rife with errors, mistakes, false prophecies and the like. The organization is well aware of what would happen if older publications had free circulation among its followers. Many would leave and furthermore would spread the word far and wide about their discoveries. That is why the online library has no publications older than the year 2000 among its offerings. The WTS is counting on its followers having little or no curiosity to seek out and read these older writings. Their contents are either whitewashed or deliberately misquoted or miscited. This gives the appearance of transparency when the exact opposite is true, but the rank-and-file want to believe the lies they are being told.

    The "new light" mantra works so well because most Witnesses have no real interest in discovering what the "old light" was to begin with. So they accept what the WTS says it was and then take without question the revised "understanding", thinking this is evidence of some kind of progressive divine revelation. This newest publication will be presented and accepted as yet one more proof of Jehovah's loving care as the end of the world draws close. Let's not forget that back in 1975, there were less than two million Witnesses worldwide. Today there are more than seven million, the vast majority of whom are totally ignorant of what the organization was teaching forty years ago--and the WTS has taken steps to keep it that way.


  • sir82

    The vast majority, well over 90%, of JWs, don't give a flying fig what the doctrines are.

    That's why the WTS can change them willy-nilly and not a peep is heard.

    Just "give me my resurrected gramma, my pet panda, and my mountaintop chalet with a sea view" and nothing else really much matters.

    You could provide this "incontrovertible proof" to the typical JW and he'd just shrug and either call you an apostate or mutter something about "old light" and walk away.

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