Major reversal for the Watchtower imminent - Countdown: only 5 left.

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  • SAHS

    “Phizzy”: “. . . you are stating " the bleedin' obvious". Having said that, it cannot ever be a bad thing to point out that, having painted themselves in to a corner, . . .”

    “defender of truth”: “It's amazing how many Witnesses miss the bleedin' obvious, though. Those pictures are like a slap in the face with a wet fish, even to people with an iq of 10 or less.”

    That reminds me so much of Captain Obvious on that current TV commercial about “,” which you can see at

    I think that us “apostates” are really fulfilling the role of the “Captain Obvious Class” for those folks unlucky enough to still be trapped by such a ridiculous cult as the WTS.

    Captain Obvious

  • Raton

    Nice post! I hope the obvious gets posted on a regular basis. There are too many that haven't seen it.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. has always been an endeavor of commercial charlatanism, making doctrines to attract attention to its own literature.

    Why did they do this ?

    Because they could, they essentially exercised their religious freedom as it's offered by the US Constitution.

  • flipper

    I agree with everything you say, more JW's and non-JW's need to wake up and smell the coffee

  • Oubliette

    This message can't be said often enough or loud enough!

  • Scott77

    Hi Mr. Focus,

    Your post is going to make it sure that the Watchtower will never hide from its questionable past. Thank you.


  • done4good

    Phizzy: Agree D of T, we can never repeat this stuff enough for J.W's discovering this Site, they cannot ever get this TTATT unless it is plainly laid before them.

    It depends on the personality type. Some can intuit it, without concrete evidence, but most cannot. Of even those that can, they will not see until they are ready. By ready, specifically I mean having overcome the fear of leaving and all leaving entails. It usually takes a significant event in one's life to face that fear rationally.



    Preach it, Focus!! It cannot be repeated enough! Just this year, at the RC, the Gibbering Buddie lied about the "millions" talk. They are trying to throw it down the memory hole.


  • Focus



    ("Treat the cause, not the symptoms" Class)

  • prologos

    DD how did they lie? by calling it the '1925 talk', implying that it was GIVEN, delivered in 1925,

    rather than in 1918, predicting the beginning of the resurrection in 1925, the begiining of the 'never - dying' life of millions in the year 1925?

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