Assembly Invitations: A Sad, Pathetic Anachronism

by metatron 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • eyeuse2badub

    I'm still waitng on seeing "the stones cry out". that will convince me of the importance of preaching the jw message.

    just saying!


  • oppostate

    designs says:

    People travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to events they consider important- Peace rally, political event, Woodstock, other.

    You said it "events they consider important". The proof is that there's just about no response from the public and nobody but loyal JW's consider the event "important".

  • villagegirl

    While you "still-in" are raving on about "vast crowds" going to

    "packed" assemblies, get it in perspective, a Lady Ga-Ga

    concert draws 90 thousand.

    Live, in the stadiums, American football games, draw crowds from

    70,000 to 100,000. The largest Mega Church in the United States

    is Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas with more than 40,000

    members attending every weekend

    A local Christian Evangelical church, has 1,600 in each Sunday meeting

    and they have three services each Sunday with this huge church

    packed out at every service, thats 1,600 time three or 4,800 each Sunday.

    And that goes on every week non stop. Thats a local church, no long

    distance travel involved. And they have a Music Team on stage with

    instruments and they serve coffee and breakfast muffins and donuts.

  • konceptual99

    Quite VG. I believe the expected attendance at Twickenham (UK IC venue) is around 50,000. This in a stadium that holds 82,000. The catchment area is the western half of London and several counties, with a max driving distance of around 280 miles.

    The population of the catchment area is conservatively 14,000,000, with perhaps 40-45,000 witnesses.

    There will be several thousand international visitors. (I guess 2k but I don't know)

    There are some good reasons why they will not fill the stadium, not least they tend not to use areas behind where the staging is but nevertheless it is significantly below capacity. The whole thing is being presented as a major, major logistical operation as if the area has never seen this many people in it's history. The fact that the stadium and the surrounding area has to cope with another 32,000 people for major rugby events is ignored. True, this is for 3 days and not one afternoon but move a few miles up the road and you have Wembley, capacity 90,000, that copes with major sporting and music events regularly.

    I am not suggesting there will not be disruption to traffic, nuisence for the local residents etc. but the local area is used to these things and on a bigger scale.

  • vivalavida

    Yep, here in Germany they came to my house and handed the invitation. If I were to attend, I'd have to travel almost two hours to go there. I tried to talk about the invitation, but they practically refused, insisting that they JUST wanted to leave it and that was it. But they would love to see me there! LOL!



  • steve2

    Wouldn't you just hate it if you handed the invitation to a householder in your territory, then later travelled hundreds of kilometres to the convention, and there he is, all suited up and smiling when you get there and lo! he's called upon to give his experience to the packed stadium and extolls the value of handing out invitations. There is a standing ovation and the rapt audience cheer when you're named as the dedicated brother who handed him his invitation. Now, don't tell me you wouldn't purr like a pussy?

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