The Complete Scammer's Guide - by "Pastor" Russell (New Light!)

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    Amelia Ashton

    Wow! Keeping this article for my WT scrapbook, or perhaps I should change the name to my JW.ORG scrapbook.

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    This research is as fascinating as it is liberating. It helps sever one's lingering connections and remnants of respect from the Borg at root level.

    "You will indeed know the truth and the lies and they will both set you free."

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    Fascinating research, Focus. Interested to see what's coming next.


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    Rosemount United Cemetery is located in Allegheny, Pa. This is where Charles Taze Russell is buried. See

    There is a Masonic cemetery across the road, which has no connection to Rosemount. The Cross and the Crown on the pyramid structure was a religious emblem of the time used by other groups of the times besides the Bible Students. Those motifs can be seen in other cemeteries elsewhere and on graves of people who were not Bible Students. (Cross & Crown came to be debunked). The pyramid was thought by Russell and the Bible Students to be God's stone witness corroborating Biblical time periods (Isa. 19:19). This belief was later debunked by Rutherford et al in 1928.

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    Reading this article about Russell makes me very curious as to what a nonprofit audit as mandated by the state of New York will bring to the light about all Watchower dummy corporations and misappropriation funds, huge property liquidations, and future building projects, robbing the Congregation's millions of dollars. Something very bad is brewing for these charlatans.

    With a number of countries hitting the WT corporation up for tax evasion in the future, maybe the time has come for the WT to pay the piper.

  • Focus

    Too many of you to thank individually - so, instead, a group <<<THANKS!>>>I'll single out one person, startingover, for reply, as he mentioned my good friend and colleague, the recently departed Doug Checketts:

    I feared with the passing of Farkel that an in depth expose' of WT history would be a thing of the past. Focus, it seems you have been absent for some years, and I wasn't familiar with you as I just missed the days of witnet and H2O and joined this site 9 months after you, but I am so glad you are back.

    Well, if you look at (a long and ridiculous thread, one of half a dozen such threads - not started by spannerintheworks, but by sinister sources - dedicated to tracking me down, lol; too long a tale to tell here, and too early to tell it yet as justice is still in progress), this is what Good Brother Farkel had written about Zone Overseer Focus...


    I know exactly who THAT focus is. The question is, is that focus the Focus who posts in here? In fact, Focus has already posted Crit's full name on this board. Those who want to know can look it up. Note my use of upper and lower case names when the talk about focus/Focus in this note. Frankly, I don't give a shit who Focus really is. He gives good information, doesn't tolerate fools and is a total asshole. He's a lot like me (except he has an extra dose of steroids and verbosity thrown in.) Farkel

    Well, startingover, there you have it. Per Farkel, Farkel + Steroids = Focus. Who am I to argue, lol?

    Knowing Farkel would not like to be remembered in a sad, doleful way, but instead celebrating life as he always did, I would add that while he was a lot older than I am, he was one of my most able students in online cult-crimefighting, kingdom-proclaiming, Good News preaching and convert-making.

    Farkel's blend of wit, sarcasm and irony was all his own; I cannot replace it. But I can wield, and have often wielded, both the battle-ax and the rapier, just like he could and did.

    And I salute Farkel...

    Now, please do keep this thread bookmarked, because I have a LOT of material and research on the evil, immoral scammer Russell.

    His illicit adulterous affair with Rose Ball (the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that there was one) probably occurred after she had reached adulthood - then 21 years at that time (late 1880s and early 1890s) and place - or at the earliest started in the very last year of her minority.

    However, both Emily Matthews and Ruth Galbraith were underage when they fell into the Pastor's clutches...

    ... all to be stripped bare here! I think previous researchers spent far too much time on Rose. Oh, I'll explore her too, never fear.

    Now see Luke 6:43 or Matt. 7:18 - and since the Watchtower is the fruit of Russell's tree, I'm sure you will see the application.



    ("Farkel" Class)

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    Hi Focus,

    This page link is not working. I do not know why.


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