The Complete Scammer's Guide - by "Pastor" Russell (New Light!)

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  • EdenOne

    Brother / "friend" / farmer extraordinaire J. A. Bohnet was also the writer of the 64-page booklet "Features of The Plan of God" (1905)


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    Blimey you guys are something else!

  • EdenOne

    Brother / "friend" / farmer-turned-Director of the Watchtower Society misteriously dodged imprisionment with the other directors of the Watchtower Society in May 7, 1918, for we find him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, delivering a public talk in the local convention on Setptember 2, 1918:

    "At the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, convention from August 30 to September 2, 1918, about 850 attended, and there on the last day ("Kingdom Day") the Federal officers interrupted the 3 p.m. Bible talk by "pilgrim" J. A. Bohnet, barred the doors and then required all young men to show their draft registration cards. After that rude interruption the Bible talk was resumed by the speaker." - "Then is The Finished Mystery of God", p. 274/275

    How did he do it?


  • Kenneson

    This is the same J.A. Bohnet, whom we saw in Jacksonville, Florida speaking on the French Revolution, purportedly marking the beginning of the end.

    For the total report on the Watchtower pyramid monument in Rosemount Cemetery see

    Click on the year 1919 of the Souvenir Report of the Bible Student's Convention Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Focus

    Kenneson, good to see you again. Perhaps you remember me from long ago - remember how the neo-Nazi gang was run out of town, lol?

    Others, thanks.

    EdenOne, I see you are beginning to get the light. But, very probably, I am literally 1000's of pages of the Eagle - and other material - ahead of you. I have been at this on and off for 20 years.

    You are noting the concealment of real estate and businesses from Watchtower subscribers.

    It went much further than that.

    I have solid evidence about the intentional defrauding of both his wife (over alimony) and also the authorities (over tax), and his concealment of his assets and income was evidently deliberate.

    Indeed, one has to be as stupid - or dishonest - as an Old Goat to think that complex discretionary trust-based, split-ownership corporations with only one, hard-to-identify beneficial owner were set up for any bona fide business purpose.

    By the end of his life Charles Taze Russell was worth in excess of $50,000,000 in modern-day money, but had the audacity to claim poverty... except to young ladies, perhaps.

    Young ladies he would probably impress with tales of his wealth... indeed, there was a very attractive 18 year old he tried to abduct, right towards the end of his life - she went to stay in Bethel with her mother, but her father wanted them back. Russell agreed to send just the mother back, until the father started writing letters and having them published.

    All coming... be patient... my stack is very full.


    ("Anti_Russell" Class)

  • EdenOne

    Here's what I believe is the first news item in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle made about the "Miracle Wheat" story, on its edition of September 22, 1911. Note the relatively mild tone of the article. Definetively NOT an exposé at this time yet. There's a curious reference to a lawyer of the Watchtower Society, described as a "tall man in black" who didn't bother to say his name - I think it may be J.F. Rutherford - and the "no-guarantee results" disclaimer on the wheat. Also, "brother" Bohnet is described by the lawyer as "not a member of the [Watchtower] society". While that might have been technically true at this time (1911), nevertheless, he was in fact, since 1905 a member of a society that was controlled by the Watchtower, namely the Rosemount, Mount Hope and Evergreen United Cemeteries, as per the first post in this thread by Focus.


  • Kenneson

    Hi Focus,

    Yes, I think that was during the era of Jjrizo (Jim Rizoli) and a few other Holocaust deniers. He was eventually deactivated by Simon.

  • EdenOne

    Brother J. A. Bohnet was also a prophet extraordinaire.

    According to the Fayetteville Bulletin of April 1, 1921:

    "J. A. Bohnet, International Bible student preacher who is now evangelizing in Central New York, predicts that Christ will return in 1926. He says Heaven will be setup on earth in about 38.079" [?]


  • Caedes

    accused by YET another of some form of intellectual dishonesty

    I see focus is winning friends on this thread too.

    Shame, he couldn't answer any of my questions on the other thread either.

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