Are there more child sex predators in fundamentalists sects like the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Watchtower-Free

    Is there any resource that shows a higher incidence of child abuse ?

  • MrFreeze

    I'm not sure but I know it is sure easier to hide it.

  • jgnat

    My evangelical church has mandatory training for children's workers plus reference checks. Other volunteer organizations that work with children also required the check. I was told in training that predators look for fertile opportunities. The factors they are looking for include; lots of children, trusting organizations, opportunities for physical contact, and ideally an authority structure that suppresses objectors. Fertile fields include sports teams, churches, other volunteer organizations.

  • Oubliette

    Higher than what?

    More than what?

  • Apognophos

    It's not the fundamentalism, what would that have to do with anything? It's the cult-like nature of the org. The secrecy allows men to get away with these crimes. It's because there's a distrust of outside authorities and a fear of shame coming on the org. because they are supposed to be pure and holy and they won't allow anyone to see their dirty laundry -- so it becomes a safe haven for the worst kinds of people.

  • Focus

    Are there more child sex predators in fundamentalists sects like the Jehovah's Witnesses

    Here, the OP's question is certainly addressed:

    - a rather popular discussion I started 13 years ago (and the data is, correspondingly, old).



    ("Vinegar" Class)

  • 3rdgen

    Fundys take most all of the Bible literally and use the scripture at Prov. 23: 13,14 to beat their children in the name of God. Where woman and children are considered second class and sex is Puritanical abuse is fostered. That is not to say it doesn't happen elsewhere just saying there is fertile ground.

  • 88JM

    Similar to your thread Focus, I thought one UK ex-politician described it pretty well the other day. He said:

    "Where there are children, paedophiles will be attracted. It isn't a coincidence that in the Catholic church, in the teaching profession and in children's television there are paedophiles. They are there because that's where there are children. And indeed, in a number of these environments, including television and the Catholic church - the first in the case of celebrity and the second case the need to avoid scandal - there was a pretty great certainty that they were not going to be exposed or prosecuted. So you have a lethal combination - you have a ready supply of children and you have a guarantee that people aren't going to be brought to justice. What is going to happen there? You are going to attract a lot of paedophiles."

  • Vidiot

    Watchtower-Free - "Are there more child sex predators in fundamentalists sects like the Jehovah's Witnesses?"

    In the vast majority of cases, fundy churches are authoritarian high-control groups; environments which virtually guarantee it.

    And because of the structure of high-control groups, it's almost impossible to fix.

  • besty

    Society in general will fix this when it has had enough of it - just takes a while.

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