What have you created?

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    I think it's wonderful that be all posses creative power of thought, and i think this form of creative manifestation comes most commonley in the form of arts.So many posters have mentiond they are writing a book, but i bet some of you create music or make a wonderful soup.

    I ask this because i was reading my old school reports and my art teacher wrote " Michael is the post constructive, imaginative pupil i have ever had. His enthusiasm wonders a bit but on the whole an excellent pupil" ....Sadly i think if that statement was true i have rather let my self down with my artistic expression. Still it's never to late and i intend to involve myself in my Art again this summer.

  • punkofnice

    Could one of the reasons that we escaped the filthy cult be that we have creative minds and reason things through?

    Check out my band 'the Grumpy Waiters' on facebook too.

    Yes. Get involved in something. Be creative.

  • Dis-Member

    All my school reports said: 'Chris is very intelligent and talented but is easily distracted and his mind tends to wander. If only he would apply himself he might achieve something'.

    Well that wandering mind has taken me across 32 diffrent countries so far and I use it to try to create beautiful images and photos for some of the most prestigious companies and individuals in the world.


  • nugget

    I gave up art for a while because being a witness and a mum and working full time meant that I never had time. Now I have restarted my art and thoroughly enjoy it. A day with no creativity in it just doesn't feel right now.

    It's never too late.

  • designs
  • prologos

    Creativity is stifled IF the WT world is your focus, unless your creativity is channeled into political amneuvering.

    Listing our original works here would be only one reward, but it is hard to have your creation appreciated in a competitive world.

    The Universe, particularly the living realm bristles with creative exuberance and competitive success is its hallmark.

    get a copyright, patent, trademark, for it proves you exist.

    Could you imagine creativity just for fun, doing what was never done before, and then going into hiding?

  • eyeuse2badub

    We all gave up on life, not just creativity. No telling what some of could have been had not wasted much of our lives on all things jw. I wanted to be a professional baseball player. Probably would not have made it that far, buttttttttttttt,,,, who knows. It's what I loved and did well despite being dragged into the cult and all things jw.

    just saying!


  • EdenOne

    Being "in" never stopped me from creating music. It has, however, stopped me from pursuing a musical career. Which might have turned out to be for the best.


  • LogCon



    Amazing pictures.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Thanks for the replys creative posters. I wont any ones creativity above anothers, because i belive most forms of creative expression are our individual Sel- Portraits. I mean all good art is an expression of ourselfs and that is what counts.

    I think " Artistic Expression" often requires being selfish and isolating oneself from friends or social activities. I don't see this negativly, i mean i love my friends and family but how can you " create" if your continuously allowing yourself to be interupted and distracted?

    Piccasso when what " Art" is answered " Art is the spider on the wall" it took me a long time to understand that statement. Now i understand that statement i can love the " Art" of Piccasso and Paul Kleee.

    I am painting " Cirlcles" why? because the circle has a calming effect and forces the viewer in to the painting.

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