This weeks Bible highlights. What did you think?

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  • One Last Kiss
    One Last Kiss

    Avian sacrificial slaughter aside, these are quite understandable rules of cleanliness, in context. To this day it isn't fully understood how leprosy is transmitted, in a world with no drugs it's understandable that many cultures went a little OTT with their rules.

    Don't see why the Org can't skip these parts of the OT though, they have no bearing on lives today and are often inappropriate with kids present, not to mention tedious in the extreme!

  • BU2B

    It seems like everything required bathing in water. If they were wandering through the desert for 40 years, where the hell did they find enough water for all of this ceremoial bathing? Also, as often as people have sex or masturbate, it seems like almost everyone would be unclean all the time!

  • bruh2012

    We know Jesus put an end to the law for the Jews - but when you look at the detail of ALL of the laws - makes me wonder does YHWH still feel that way - is his thinking still the same!

    If there is a new system of things on earth to come where new scrolls will open - wonder will there be "the law of Moses" 2.0 ???

  • KateWild

    I was a good girl and did all my home work yesterday, probably still won't get RI'd but who knows eh? Kate xx

  • quellycatface

    I don't think much of the OT. It doesn't get much of an airing in churches either. I can see why.

    You are a good student, don't forget an apple for the teacher!!

    Love ya.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hi sam!

    why did you do that "homework" as you joked?

    You don't surely want to go back do you?

  • suavojr

    Boring reading but JW's find ways to talk about how the FDS also gives warnings and we just need to obey because it is good for us.


    How do I post a comment within a box?

  • suavojr

    I always wondered why someoone would come back, get reinstated and then just vanish. After I woke up to TTATT, now I know

  • Legacy


    I think Leviticus was written because the Egyptians must have practiced all these things, so God attempted to set-up a new system for Israelites. I think the bathing & all that was maybe because they were not known for being clean. Always throwing dirt on themselves, or ashes, tearing their clothes and such. Maybe the Israelites were not the cleanest folks in the world. If they had to be told all this stuff, most likely they were practicing these things.

    We know we are not supposed to have sex with family members, no matter how removed they far as the semen stuff, could be if one had an emission without sex, that's an indication, something isn't right...I think his concern was transmitting illnesses, being they didn't have modern medicine like today, the only way was to give it time to clear up. Could be the Israelites were a horny bunch (no doubt riding bare back on camels & horses, enough to make anyone excited.LOL)....didn't care whether the female was on her menstral cycle, or just gave birth, the men wanted sex when & where they wanted. Remember women were only property & baby machines.

    I don't think this is appropriate for children, but the witnesses want to keep their kids close, so they don't care what they hear, as long as it's from the hall. But when you come to think of it, most of the kids aren't paying attention's mid week, so them little ones are sleeping...just like us adults.


  • KateWild

    You don't surely want to go back do you?-Stuck

    I want to prove to a loved one than 12 more months and four more letters won't work. I want him to be happy and live a full life too. Kate xx

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