Getting really for three days in hell

by cookiemaster 33 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Just put your foot down and say I am not going.

    Then you can enjoy the weekend instead of wasting it at the cult wastefest.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    As cookiemaster hasn't named the country we could guess - my guess is Spain because of the mention Euros and the termperature. Am I right cookiemaster?

  • BU2B

    I am due to go the weekend of July 18 and I see no way out. If my convention was in that heat I would not go for health reasons. It is a health hazard plain and simple. Although my DC is in a cool building, It will still be hell. Hell on my heart, mind and soul. Mental torture seeing the propaganda loaded with the bite method and replete with logical fallacies, and whats worse is seeing the sheeple gobble it up. I am going to need to seak in alcohol somehow, but it will be tough not to be detected by my wife. What a life we lead eh?

  • cookiemaster

    Jeannette - Thank you for your nice words.

    Witness My Fury - I can't put my foot down at the moment because pretty much everyone in my family are JW's, from my parents to second cousins, to many close friends, everyone is a JW. Actually, I have four close friends also JW's who don't believe a word of it, but are still in for the same reasons. Funny thing is, we kind formed a group of unbelievers at my hall. We're all in our 20's. It's like a support group. We all know it's bull, we all make fun of the moronic doctrines, we can break pretty much every rule and we don't get involved in any "spiritual" activity. Most of us report between 1-3 hours of field circus. We also know many young people like us around the district. At conventions there's at least 40-50 of us. My plan is to continue fading, help the people close to me continue in their current fading trend and then leave althogether. The elder's here wouldn't give a crap even if you didn't come to the hall for six months, so there's a good change my plan might succeed.

    Frazzled - Well, you got the continent right, lol. Actually the country is Romania, the region Transylvania, you know the legendary home of vampires and stuff like that. It's generally pretty mountainous but out of hundreds of better places, they chose the absolute worst location to build the convention hall in. ( I hope this info doesn't give away who I am to any stalking elders of CO's).

    BU2B - That's a brilliant idea! Why didn't I ever think of it? It'll just bring some whisky and sip through a straw like you do. Man, that would make things better!

  • joe134cd

    The reason they can get away with this shit is because the R&F allow it. If enough people complained and just didn't turn up, then perhaps they would get the message. Vote with your feet and your wallets it's the only thing they understand.

  • Deceived

    That is terrible, its abusive. I bet the big wigs, CO's. Bethel guys, speakers don't suffer in the heat. They probably sit in the AC when not out on the platform giving moronic talks about the New Kingdom. If the way they run the show is any indication of what the new Kingdom will be who wants to live there.

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and I cannot sit for even 15 minutes in the heat even in the shade without having a bad attack and getting very sick and paralyzed. I guess I would not be attending any of their Conventions. Thankfully I am no longer a JW.

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Hello Cookiemaster, I am glad you have a support group that is awesome, I wish I knew how to wake up my fellow young people without giving myself away. From what you say of the location and conditions and having just gone through the event I might say Hell would be a nicer place to spend your vacation. If you want I can send you some garlic to ward of those visiting vamps, I mean visiting speakers, but then that might repel the hot sisters too.



  • tornapart

    I read that in Romania when the ban on the religion was lifted that there had been so many changes in the intervening years that many JWs thought the WT had gone apostate and started their own independent 'real' JW group. Have you heard of this?

    Hope it all goes well for you. I have to go to at least one day to keep the family peace and because I am curious. I can see through all the BS. Fotunately it's inside and comfortable. Think if I was in your place there's no way I'd go!!

  • OneEyedJoe
  • flowerfreaks2

    Aunt Fancy.... I went to Reading, PA for my LAST DC in 2008. I lasted one day. Got REALLY tired of them telling me I'm not doing enough and need to give all my time to the ministry to mislead others too. I left and went to stalk the Amish in Lancaster for the rest of the weekend. Just love the Amish!!

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