Getting really for three days in hell

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  • cookiemaster

    Hey guys, there's another thing I wanted to share with you. I know this topic has been discussed over and over again, but it's just so fun to complain about it. We're going to the district convention this weekend. It's three days in absolute hell (to be pronounced at the site: "blessing from Jehovah"). A convention hall placed in a field in the middle of nowhere (gives of all huge cult compound vibe). Located in the absolute hottest region of the country. At this time often registering temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius in the shade. But there is no shade, as during the summer is being held on the outside, so more would fit at one event. Event though the circumscription raised more than 10 million euros for the recently built assembly hall, they weren't able to install a sort of roof on the outside for some peculiar reason.

    You feel your blood boiling in your head. Old people are fainting. The ambulance has come almost every time these last two years since the damn thing was built. You get sun burns. The benches are small and made of metal. They are terribly uncomfotable to sit in for hours on end without moving, plus without shade they get so warm you could fry eggs on them. The convention hall (or what the hell you call this pit of hell) is far, far away from any large congregation. Most have to travel hundreds of miles and are having a hard time to find accomodations in the small town relatively nearby.

    There's only one commercial stand you can buy stuff from, coincidentally owned by a JW. Cars get deadly hot in the shadeless parking lot. There aren't any trees. Some sick and elderly are allowed to enter the hall but the entrace is guarded fiercely by individuals tasked with keeping the order(not sure what's they're called in English speaking countries). They don't start the AC system in the hall because that would cost money. They just open all windows and door but that doesn't do anything in a building filled with hundreds of people when outside it's deadly hot. The speakers are the same boring dubs every year. I regularly sleep at conventions sitting on my ass on that hard metal bench, even though everyone is giving me dirty looks. The only upside of last year was the presence of a few incredibly hot young women. Other than that, uncomfortable, endangering, boring, cult propaganda, filled with old people, smelly, time wasting, not to mention incredibly expensive, three day hell. Is it the same for you?

  • skeeter1

    I wouldn't go to it, even if it was Disney. I don't do super hot. Can you get out of it by saying it's too hot for you to go/you're sick. Strep throat is a good one, you feel it coming on and don't want to infect anyone at the convention. Sick tummy, headache, wierd taste in your mouth, and sore throat are strep's main symptoms when it's coming on.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Sounds lovely. But I think I'd suddenly fall ill during the first session and need 2-1/2 days to recover.

    I've had to endure outdoor heat as well as cold and rainy weather. Yours sounds even worse.

    "The only upside of last year was the presence of a few incredibly hot young women."

    Sounds like everyone there was "incredibly hot."

  • Heaven

    I have far more important things to do, like wash my hair and re-arrange my sock drawer, than attend one of these farces.

  • Crazyguy

    Have Fun!!!!!!

  • flowerfreaks2

    Sounds just lovely!!! Use to attend the Vet Staduim (open) in Philly for many years, from toddler years to mid teen.... Burned every time. It was always HOT and SOOO long. Don't envy you one bit Good Luck!!

  • JWdaughter

    Well, thanks for giving me yet another thing to thank God for. No more conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses!

    Sorry you had to go. I would recommend illness (yours or someone 'dear' to you.

  • LostGeneration

    So can you explain to me why you are going?

  • A.proclaimer

    I went to the international one for one day. Glad it was only one cause it was so uncomfortable and humid. Was at the MetLife stadium in NJ, but looked more like an umbrella convention with all the umbrellas popping up. Ran out of water and was so thirsty. Didn't see what was so special about an international aside from people wearing traditional dresses. It was like any other convention with the same old speeches minus indoors and air conditioning.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Flowerfreaks, we also attended the Vet Stadium and it was miserable. The last time we went to one I laid my Bible beside me on another seat and when I picked it up it literally burned my finger it was so hot. We refused to go there after that and would travel to Hampton, VA to go to an indoor one with air conditioning. That place was so disgusting and it was always hot and humid. You would see people laying on blankets out in the hall on the dirty floors where football fans would urinate When they got drunk. I am so glad I will never have to attend another one. The last one we went to was in Reading, PA two years ago, my husband and I walked out early Friday and never went back.

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