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  • AndersonsInfo

    Steve2 and Gingerbread: I can't agree more with your observations. However, in my opinion, within the next ten years the Watchtower organization as we know it will be gone and in its place will stand JW.ORG where "... all nations will [not] stream to."


  • Phizzy

    We always, in the50's and 60's, used to be evasive about which religion we represented as we went D to D.

    I can forsee a time in the very near future when a Householder asks "Who do you represent ?" and the JW answers "JW.Org".

    May have already happened.

  • stuckinarut2

    As has been mentioned before, saying that we were "Jay Dubs" was such a "no-no"...

    Now though, the kids are taught to be "JW.orgs...."

    I'm glad it has means that the organization we were baptised into no longer exists.... so therefore, you cant get disfellowshipped from something that doesnt exist!?!?

  • Phizzy

    Dear Stuck, If they have the slightest reason, they will still DF you, no matter what their present Brand name, according to "present" "truth", of that I am certain.

  • Vidiot

    The biggest (yet arguably most subtle) indication that they're trying to distance themselves from the "Watchtower" moniker?

    They haven't even tried to incorporate the outline of the old WT logo. That would, at least, have been something I'd have thought they'd do.

    Maybe it's (at least in part) a response to things the XJW community has said...

    ...after all, it's a little harder to say "the Tower's crumbling" if it ain't a Tower anymore.

  • frankiespeakin

    Well now Jehovah can ride his invisible chariot, with the wheels within the wheels all over the internet thanks to Jehovah's earthly organization's internet presents. I'm sure jehovah's chariot will be hitching rides in the form of cookies on anybody's browser who visits: WT.orgy.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If they're going to make a big deal about, I think it's high time to make a suitable acronym and get it in the urban vocabulary. I think JO is a commonly understood acronym. Perhaps would mean something like, "jack wildly to orgasm". It could be dropped in conversation, "I met this beautiful girl at the bar last night and went back to my place for some It was smokin' hot!"

  • Vidiot

    Personally, I think "JW.borg" says it best; short, to the point, and impossible to forget.

    Although "Watchtowistan" will always have a special place in my heart, and "JW.orgy" definately deserves mention.

  • noonehome

    Nice swag Outlaw.

    What I've noticed from the 'rebranding' and general simplification of publications is that Watchtower is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (for lack of a better phrasing). It's like walking the halls of many high schools or universities, where the water fountains are all ridiculously low to the floor. So much so that at 6'4" I basically have to stand on my knees to drink out of it.

    People who don't have much or do have many troubles see the publications presenting a way of life that brings happiness, fulfillment, with a dash of hope... ...that ever-dangling carrot. Especially when it's dished as forward thinking and technologic. Realize too it's true for many of these people that by obeying Watchtower policies, there could be improvements in their lives. THIS is what Watchtower is heavily promoting. They know that in general, the middle class doors they've been knocking on for decades aren't as fruitful. Fear mongering is not the way anymore. But that's probably why the recruitment is happening in the 'less fortunate' countries.

    "If you obey us you will be happy." That is essentially the promise. Again, an ever-dangling carrot ever so slightly out of reach.

  • factfinder

    I noticed at the end of the new dvd "These Words must be on your Heart" that the Watchtower icon/logo has been replaced by symbol.

    There was a very small wt icon shown onthe top floor of one of the new Warwick bldgs in the ilustration, very small. I wonder if they will still have it when the complex is built?

    How long before The Watchtower becomes magazine?

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