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    The Watchtower as brand name is in the process of being imperceptibly faded from visibility in the organization. Who'd have thought you could make a Watchtower fade and disappear? Is there no viable historic places act that will protect it? Sadly, no.

    There are 2 main reasons for this imperceptible fading from view:

    (1) As a brand "The Watchtower" has far too much smelly baggage. The Watchtower has been repeatedly and shamefully linked to innumerable hypocritical doctrinal, policy and behavioral problems within the organization for most of its more than 130 years (The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society was incorporated as a legal body in the United States in the 1870s);

    2) Current commonplace secular definitions of - and connotations about - what "Watchtowers" are revolve around structures to monitor inmates and prevent escapes. By contrast, in Chuck Russell's day, Watchtowers were important protective structures, built to provide visibility to see beyond your fortress so you could courageously prepare yourself for approaching danger from the outside. You so needed a watchtower to see what was happening outside your fortress. Nowadays, that has changed: Watchtowers monitor what is happening within your fortress with the commonest use in penitentiaries.

    For a religious organization that is acutely aware of the value of impression management, The Watchtower as a structure to secure imprisonment is definitely not the kind of image the organization wishes to be associated with. Yet, ironically, some would argue this modern-day definition is precisely what the organization has become!

    In little more than 130 years, this cumbersome, shameful organization, known by its legally incorporated name, The Watchtower Society, has progressed from visionary herald of wondrous things to come to a place of imprisonment for its tired and dejected inmates.

    JW.ORG, by contrast, is at the cutting edge of a newly re-configured organization, bristling to be promoted as bright, shiny, relevant and potent - even as its seminal doctrine - 1914 - becomes more of an embarassment as it fades into the distance. Having a 100th anniversary might pack a celebratory punch - but it also unsettles talk of urgency. As when we celebrate birthdays in our older years, it suggests mortality knocking and the need for thrilling distractions.

    Enter the brand spanking new world of Jehovah's Witnesses: Internet slicked, pulsing with technology.

    Take a good wistful look at The Watchtower brand and remember: Whilst all eyes were on the end of the world, what you are witnessing is, not the world's end, but the end of the Watchtower brand.

    Be charitable and swallow your pride. Say a big "Hi" to JW.ORG. The new branding won't forestall the growing irrelevance of this peculiar 1800s American millenialist affliction; but it will provide distraction for the masses who need to do something other than drum their tired fingers as they wait, wait, wait for an end to a system that never ever comes.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    The WT is the name being talked about in court, in child abuse cases. The is SO not associated with child abuse! They hope.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    I think it's an acronym for JerkWad Organization.

  • EndofMysteries

    We should make it a point when talking about all sorts of doctrine and teachings, including the old stuff, to say in the post. This way search engines will capture and if one day the magazines and everything about the borg is just, people will be linked to the covered up WT past.

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  • OnTheWayOut

    I can go along with a watchtower being thought of as part of a prison.
    I can believe that the GB hope to disconnect from the past of "The Watchtower" or "Watch Tower."

    I don't think they have fully estimated the power of simple internet searches. Any search of will bring up the Watchtower.

    And any search of will still bring up "Jehovah's Witnesses." They clearly are not dropping that.

    But rebranding can't really hurt them and might help fool a few people.

  • steve2

    A hefty stone pyramid with incriminating Zionist inscriptions as memorial stone to the founder of the Watch Tower Society, Chuck Russell, is some baggage the organization needs to distance itself from and "not comment on".


  • A.proclaimer
    A.proclaimer is catchier, unknown, and slicker than "watchtower". I agree with your post, change of name doesn't draw the same associations as the previous name does. It's the modernized version, much like KFC or saying Mickey D's. For a religion, they are using advertising methods to get more people.

  • Dis-Member

    The site site may seem slick and shiny to someone that's lived in a cave the last 20 years never seen the internet before. It's name, layout and design are all corny and it's content condescending and an insult to the intelligence. is consulted by hundreds of thousands around the world and is highly regarded by researchers

    Maybe if those researchers are 12 years old..

  • smiddy

    And the title of the magazine first printed by the I.B.S.A. ,before they adopted the name Jehovahs Witnesses ? in 1879 ?

    "Zions Watchtower and Herald of Christs Presence"

    So not only did they advocate Christs invisible presence began long before 1914 , actually in 1879 , they were also advocates of the Zionist movement , who predicted Christ would establish his kingdom upon his visible return in Jerusalem .

    So maybe their trying to disassociate themselves from all this by re-inventing their name to JW.ORG.


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